Not Your Typical Update

In that there’s not going to be as much content as I had hoped. Last week it was the Thanksgiving holiday, this week I’m due for a complex oral surgery tomorrow and am swamped with getting everything taken care of at work before going on a two-day leave. I don’t imagine that I’ll get too much done over the next few days while I’m recovering, but stranger things have happened. In the meantime just wanted to let readers know that the blog is still going strong, and I have a solid half of a first draft of the next post. And it’s about a typewriter, some toys, and the holidays. We’ll see how it comes together.

In the meantime, onward to tooth destruction!


Monday Thoughts and Prayers

Busy weekend, and yet not too much to report…mostly focused on work for the critique group that took place yesterday (and went rather well; quite encouraged that much of the criticism fell on portions that will be excised from the final book). Currently focused on getting back on schedule with the writing and Fallout 4, which has swept into my life and consumed the remainder of my all-too-scarce free time.

I had originally planned to talk about Fallout a bit today, but the events that took place in Paris on Friday night take precedence and make everything else look puny in comparison. My thoughts are with the families and the survivors and I hope that the world can come to a collective, rational decision on how to prevent such a tragedy from occurring again.


Digging in the Dirt

Well, ready to get back to the grind, consider this my 15-minute check-in for Monday morning. I said that I want to start posting more regularly and here it is. Spot check? Got about 600 words knocked out on Chapter 23 this weekend. This chapter features a pair of encounters that our fearless antihero Dean encounters during his wife, Lindsay’s, funeral, one with his soon-to-be-ex-lover and the other with his wife’s best friend, Sara, who will one day have her own story to tell.

This is the kiss-off scene for the ex-lover and a turning point in Dean’s addiction and that’s all I have to say about that (as that portion is still in development). The scene with Sara is more important, however, as it shows her softening toward the man who cheated on her friend and offers a glimpse of what Dean’s life would look like if he didn’t try to fuck every woman he met.


Plus, I just like Sara and enjoy spending time with her. I’m very much looking forward to telling her full story, and it weaves throughout this novel, showing some of these scenes from her perspective and revealing Dean’s distortions in a greater light. It’s not necessary to read both novels, but they are related and revolve around Lindsay’s death. Oh, and Lindsay’s death is not a spoiler, it’s literally on page 1.

Other than that, life is a never-ending series of boxes and trash bags as we empty out the apartment. Who knew you could compile so much crap in seven years of living in one place? I mean I lived in my childhood home from 81 to 95, but as an adult this is easily the longest I’ve lived in one location (07 to 14). It’s going to be weird, and the packing is very strange, bringing up loads of memories, most of them not-so-pleasant. The condo has seen some very good times, but it’s also seen some of the darkest times in my life. Right now it’s hard not to concentrate on that darkness as I hold the physical artifacts of it. Don’t get me wrong, we’re purging that stuff for the better, but it still surfaces some long-forgotten emotions and memories.

As a result, I’ve been kind of distant and grumpy as I chew over this stuff. Sorry, Mary, it will certainly get better once we move and we’re in a better place.

NIGHT VALE 8inOne other note, I’m possibly the last human being to find out about this, but I’ve been digging into the Welcome to Night Vale podcast/audio book and have become a huge fan. For those who don’t know about it, the concept is community radio in a community where every conspiracy theory is true and Lovecraftian creations walk the earth and are involved with station management. It’s been described as Garrison Keillor in a Stephen King world, and I have to agree. Give it a listen if you get a chance, and I will see you here again soon.

New Site, Interview, and Plans

The new site is up and running; hopefully it was seamless to you, the reader, but there has been quite the adjustment period, and I’m still ironing out a few bugs. Also wanted to share that I have another interview up on Paul Dail’s excellent website (you can find it here) and that edits are now in hand for The Corridors of the Dead.

Also, just a heads-up that I’ll be announcing a giveaway for The Corridors of the Dead launch next week. Still getting the details together, but I want to make the launch fun for folks as well as me.

Everything is on target for a great launch, and I’m ready to jump into the future!

Quiet Day

Did a modicum of work on the third draft of Chapter 11/12 earlier. Will be doing more shortly. Have a writer friend coming over for a round of word wars. I will use the opportunity to work on the outline for the next book.