The City Lights

Hey everybody, back from Thanksgiving break. Hope my American followers had a great holiday (and that everyone else had a great week/weekend as well). Strange times, for sure; hard to get into the spirit of things with how warm it’s felt lately, especially on Thanksgiving itself. Found myself sitting on the porch in short sleeves and not particularly chilled. Compare that with last year, when we had snow on the ground. I can’t remember it ever being this warm this late in the season. Hope it doesn’t bode ill for 2016.
Otherwise, had a good time visiting family and taking lots of photographs. Found some interesting postcards in Harrisonburg as well, ones that you can expect to see soon as I discuss locations in my novels. For now, here are some photos I took Thanksgiving night in Downtown Harrisonburg, to try to get a little cheer in the air. Will be out for oral surgery later this week…not sure what that means for the update schedule. In the meantime, have a great week.
Downtown04 Downtown07 Downtown08 Downtown11 Downtown13

Are We There Yet?: Upon Completion

Yesterday was the big, final push for getting The Corridors of the Dead out the door, at long last. The last three days of editing became either a mad dash, or a game of whack-a-mole, depending on how you look at things. I had originally set yesterday as a hard deadline, given the amount of time needed to get the paper proof back and declare myself ready to start taking pre-orders. This was a line in the sand that I set way back when I decided to self-publish: I would not take pre-orders without knowing that the print book was of the highest quality that I could offer. Unfortunately, with having to push the date out from November the 18th back in September, I knew that I was only going to have a window of a few days to offer them. This meant that I was going to have to get everything together by the 22nd at the very latest, with Thanksgiving as my sworn enemy. Continue reading