No Myth: The Mythology of The Corridors of the Dead Part 2

Picking up on from yesterday’s post, let’s finish the discussion of the mythology behind this book.

I want to clarify again that I don’t actually believe that a magician or magick allow a person to enter other worlds or dimensions, or anything like that. I think that the magician is simply tapping into some level of collective unconscious, or their own psyche. Just wanted to put that out there.

So, why would someone choose to be a magician and move in slow, plodding movements through the Aethyr when they could be a tunneler and just rip through them all at more or less their own speed? This made me realize that a tunneler had to be something extraordinarily special. A once-in-a-millenium fluke. Perhaps even rarer – perhaps there has only ever been one tunneler who has existed in different times due to the bending of space and time within the Aethyrs. This was the germ of the entire series, not just the first book. Matty, of course, would be that tunneler.

In the Bible, Noah‘s Flood ultimately wiped out the Watchers and the Nephilim. I like the idea; there’s something primal about the great deluge myths. I’ve always been fascinated with crazy theories about a high civiliation that existed before the flood, even if it left no evidence. No evidence – that was the next issue. Obviously this flood couldn’t just be water that wiped everything out. There had to be a reason that they left no evidence. So I came up with my concept of The Flood in Corridors, more of a scourging, or a cleansing by fire by the angels of the Watchtowers, with the intention of completely wiping out any trace of the Watchers’ twisted civilization. Obviously, there were human survivors, and Noah does play into the story, just not until the third book. Continue reading

Maintain the Myth: The Mythology of The Corridors of the Dead Part 1

I’ve talked about the mythology behind The Corridors of the Dead in a few offsite interviews, but I’ve never given the whole story behind the mythology. Buckle in, kids, it’s a long and twisted road to pull all of these influences together.

The story begins back in 1992…or maybe 1993. I’m a little fuzzy on the exact date, but I surely couldn’t have been older than 16. I was an impressionable kid who still hadn’t quite figured out his identity (I think that’s normal for that age). I started talking more to a certain neighbor, who will remain unnamed for his sake. He once told me that he saw something of himself in me, so he took me under his wing, teaching me different ways to think about the world. Through him I learned more about the Socratic Method, Existentialism, Descartes, and comparative religion. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that he had a guiding hand in my development during that time. I know that I wouldn’t be pursuing these ideas in my fiction without his influence. After a time of knowing him, about a year, he revealed to me that he practiced magick. Continue reading