Story Submitted

Finished around 19,000 words. I realized there will likely be edits to bring it higher. So watch this space for more information.

Updates and assorted nonsense

Working on a story right now that has a speculative publisher…they gave me some direction for what they want, and I took the direction and ran with it. Should be around 20,000 words or so. That said, it’s not exactly the kind of thing you put on your public resume, … Continue reading

The Tyranny of Word Counts

Anyone else despise them? Realized I had duplicated a chapter in the novel and it dropped the word count back below where it “has” to be. So now I have to add useless padding. Do I really need to be punished for being able to prune my prose?

On Finishing the Fourth Draft

Well, here I am. I’ve crossed the nominal finish line: the fourth draft of Torat Book 1: Initiation is complete. What does that mean, exactly? It means that the entire book is in a stage where I would be quite all right with a publisher or agent or what-have-you reading … Continue reading

Joined the Kindle Boards

Trying to get more writing friends and get more into the Internet writing community as a whole. It’s a great place so far – really liking it.