In the Frozen Heart

Hey everybody, welcome to the latest blog update. Sorry I’m late, but this week has been even worse than expected, as I lost a beloved pet yesterday. I’ll talk more about that next week, when I hope (HOPE) to get back on schedule. Quick update on the tooth: looks like … Continue reading

Slight Delay

Sorry folks, going to need one more day for the blog post. Lost a beloved pet this morning and it’s sent my schedule into a tailspin. Soon, I promise.

That Sugary Devil

Welcome back! Today marks a month of unmissed entries (technically five). May not seem impressive, but believe me, I’m smiling, given the sheer hell that has been January and February. Before I get into things, allow me to put on my promotional hat and give you the chance to win … Continue reading

The Shifting Sands

Hey everybody, welcome back! Apologize upfront if this entry seems disjointed, as I got a late start this week due to some edits on Chapter 16, which is taking a lot longer than expected due to shifting narrative priorities. You see, in the original vision, the chapter started with Dean … Continue reading

This Vanishing World

Welcome back for the next thrilling installment! Thanks for joining me again. Promo talk time. Maybe you recall me mentioning a Valentine’s Day Special last week? Well, starting on February 13th we (myself and the awesome ladies of Dark World Books) are running a special on Corridors of the Dead, … Continue reading

Face-up to the Afterglow

Back again. What is it they say in Twin Peaks? Ah yes… Did I mention I’m a big fan of the show and can’t wait for the return? I’ll have to get around to that post about the show’s symbolism someday. Anyway, last week I examined why I left the … Continue reading

A Warm Welcome Back

Welcome back to Shaggin the Muse! Before I get started, let me say thanks to my ever-helpful, ever-wise assistant Franny for the gentle push back to promotional work. I also can’t forget her partner-in-crime, the talented Silvia,who put together the overhaul of this site. They both run Dark World Books, … Continue reading

Holiday Road

Ah yes the build-up to Labor Day weekend, a time that I find sacred for one reason or another. It’s something of a tradition for me to either head back to my hometown or bring a hometown friend up here for the week. Given that my schedule is compressed (along … Continue reading

Practicing Acceptance

Just going to throw it out there: it’s been a rough year. Started in January with a layoff (narrowly averted by a rehiring at the same company), continued with losing a family member in March, and since then it’s been one thing after another: expensive car repairs, ill pets, more … Continue reading

Mulholland Drive, Character Progression, and Illusion

Slow week last week and I fear this week will not be much different, as I am in class starting tomorrow afternoon and lasting until Friday. It’s kind of frustrating, as this is typically the time when I ramp up my word count heading into the productive months of September … Continue reading