Back at Work.

Had a wisdom tooth yanked last week, and wasn’t able to do a lot of work over the weekend due to the ensuing pain/drug combination. I’m back at it, though, and prepping a package for submission. Learning that writing synopses is a LOT harder than it looks, but I’m starting to get the hang of the voice I need. But yes, today is the day. This will be my first novel submission to a publisher ever. It feels really good, like I’m finally doing something with my writing, but of course I’m having last-minute, self-sabotaging doubts. I am determined to press on.

Tentative One-Sentence Summary…

I’ve never been good at these things, but submission necessitates learning. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

A young woman learns that the veil between worlds is very thin as a war between the heavens becomes very real to her; in the meantime, a rogue spirit fights for redemption.

It needs some tweaking, but it could be back-of-paper-copy print one day. Just maybe. Writing up paragraph-long summaries of Books 2 and 3 is also very enlightening.



Had a great idea for a scene near the climax of Torat Book 2 last night. It really opens up a whole new world for Book 3 and justifies a lot of the actions of the first two books. It also continues to pose the question of just what being a messiah means for Matty, the main character. This won’t entirely be answered until the final book.

As far as the first book goes, almost finished with the fourth draft of Chapter 13. Slow but steady.

An Update? …In My Blog?

It’s more likely than you think.

Blog has taken a huge backseat to writing and podcasting, but I know I need to keep this up to date. Currently hurtling toward a deadline to an open submission with Angry Robot Books. The third draft is finished, so I feel comfortable submitting, but I want to wait until the 28th so I have a decent handful of manuscript ready to go when asked.

Second book, tentatively titled “Lily”, is completely planned, about to undergo some plot tweaking. Third book, the second in the Torat series, is currently in the outlining phase. Work continues apace!

Quiet Day

Did a modicum of work on the third draft of Chapter 11/12 earlier. Will be doing more shortly. Have a writer friend coming over for a round of word wars. I will use the opportunity to work on the outline for the next book.

Submission Complete

Hallelujah, hallelujah. By far the most difficult part was creating a new outline from scratch, but I got that done, too.

Next major deadline is trying to hit the open submission window at Angry Robot Books.  Will resume work on Chapter 11/12 third draft tomorrow.

Hello world, or other such ramblings

Intend to turn this into an official blog for my works, however, I am currently head-down in trying to get this novel ready for submission to a contest. Will eventually update on progress and thoughts.