Monday Sanity Check: Skyline Drive Edition

“Happy” Monday to everyone. Hope you had a great weekend and got a chance to do something relaxing and peaceful. The wife and I headed out to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and took a ride down Skyline Drive, stopping at just about every overlook to take some pictures. I’m still sorting through the photos (there are easily 100+), but here are some I’d like to share.

Fave01 Fave03 Lookout14 Lookout16 Road02

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  1. I very much so miss the Skyline Drive at this time of year. Texas has its charms, but nothing like the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thanks for sharing the pictures!


    • Yeah I love them and will miss them when it’s time to go. Sounds like it never truly goes away. Good to see you! I still owe you an email, I believe…

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