So Where Have I Been?

Hey, folks. So where to begin? I guess I should say that regular readers might have noticed a two-week absence. I’m tempted to offer an apology, but apology might not be the right word, given the events of the last few weeks. Rather, let me offer an explanation and thank you for your patience.

It probably doesn’t come as surprise that I’m an introvert (though I can fake being an extrovert fairly well). I require “alone time” to recharge my batteries and have worked out a system to get those resets in the middle of the day and keep up my outgoing energy, but if I don’t take those times, things build up and I withdraw for an extended period. The latter half of 2013 was such a period, as my wife and I geared up for big changes in our shared lives. Those changes are still ongoing, but as of the second week of January I felt I’d recharged enough to poke my head above ground.

Then came the layoff. January well…it kind of sucked. I had no idea if I would have a job in  February and, indeed, an extended absence from this site seemed likely. I got the new job and now, while we still plan to move to California, I have a little breathing room to make preparations. Things looked like they would continue to some sort of standard for a few months, at least.

The last two weeks kicked my legs out from under me. Growing pains at work came along and while they’re smoothing out now they ate the first week of my absence. I thought things might be getting back to normal when we learned of the death of someone very beloved to my wife and I spun off again, most of my effort directed to sidelining my own sadness so I could be there for Mary (I do not regret this and will no doubt need it again in the future).

What I’m trying to say is that 2014 has, thus far, sucked a great deal. I anticipate it sucking even more as the months go on. The thought is totally irrational, but it feels as if the bill for the last few years of relative good cheer has come due. Irrational, and self-destructive, which is why I’m publicly naming it for what it is. The year could well go on to be great. That’s why I’m here right now, to defy the idea. Good things can still happen.

The point of this, as I said, is to explain, because it feels as if sharing the situation with my readers is important. You may not be numerous, but I do appreciate your support.

So, here’s how things are going: writing has been slow in general. Usually these quiet spells coincide with going to my writer cave, but not this time. February is always bad for that, but this has been dire. I simply had no emotions to tap. Some days I still don’t, but it’s starting to get better. This has meant a thaw in the words and a trickle of creativity flowing out of all that ice. Nowhere near where it was, but the old passion is warming up again. I’ve finished two chapters and feel good about where things are going in the literary novel. It’ll come along, sooner or later. In the meantime, I’ll try to check in more frequently. Hope all is well with you.

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