Pathways of the Dead Winter 2014 Tour: Day 4: Talking Limerence with Ash Krafton

Welcome back to the Pathways of the Dead blog tour. Today, we have Day 4 and a guest post for the incomparable Ash Krafton. I crafted an entry today that talks about the difference between love and limerence (something that’s been very much on my mind with the subject matter of my next novel) and how that relates to the story of Among the Dead. Here’s an excerpt:

Limerence, then, is that crazy phase where you can’t get someone out of your mind and drive your friends out of their minds with constant chatter about the new love of your life. Every waking minute may be filled with a desire to be with that person, a burning need only quenched by proximity to the target. It’s a head-spinning, heart-pounding, pleasant-and-awful crazy rush of endorphins flooding your body. Opinions differ on what triggers this particular state, but most psychologists agree that it’s a recognition of something familiar in that other person, and that familiar trait may be good or bad. Add this to people writing songs about this state of mind, lauding it as “true love” and you have a recipe for something quite dangerous and addictive.

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