Not Forgotten

Hey everybody, just wanted to check in really quickly. Site is not forgotten, neither is the most recent series, so no worries on that front. I’m in extreme crunch time at the moment, having finished another novel right before I publish Pathways, so I’m trying to catch back up with the Pathways schedule (which seems to be shot again) while finishing the Corridors clean-up. My apologies to those waiting on the next installment, but it is coming. The delays are making for a better book and aligning my schedule to better get City and Portal out in a much more timely fashion. Everything is just about nailed down at this point to make that work.

Also entered a contest to write a themed 7,000-word short horror story by October 5th, so there’s a lot of activity going on there. Once that’s all done I’d really like to make it a freebie for you guys.

Other than that, reviews for Room 3 are holding up so far, and thank goodness because the book really means a lot to me. Thanks to everyone who’s enjoyed it and reviewed it so far. I have a good feeling about where this is all going, so hang in there with me…

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