Next Phase With Day Three of the #laboringaway Marathon

Wow, can’t believe I’m actually posting this and I don’t feel like tearing my eyeballs from my sockets. How about that? Sure, I’m a bit more tired than I was Friday morning, but who the hell wouldn’t be?

Thought I’d share some info on the book in its current state. With an extremely tentative working title of Imogene (I’m already tossing around a few new ideas), it’s about the fall, rise, and fall of a sex addict dentist in rural Virginia and how he handles his wife’s death. As you would guess from the subject matter, there is indeed a great deal of (implied) sex. It’s not an erotica, but you can’t exactly shy away from the subject, just as you’d have to show a heroin user shooting up at least once in a novel about him or her. I just like to think of it as making up for lost time in my first few novels. Anyway, also contemplating whether novels like this should go under “JD Allen” or stick with what I have. Those considerations, of course, are still pretty far out, but it’s fun as a thought exercise.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m going to be participating in a short horror story contest this month? Might as well take advantage of this time of year, it’s my best writing period.

Anyway, off to the races. Goal today is 37,500, though I’d be ecstatic if I hit 40,000.

11:39 AM

Break #1. Lunch time and time to go visit the cat that I’m cat-sitting. It took a little bit of time to get going this morning, but I’m now sitting at a respectable 3017 words for the day, grand total of just over 28,000 words for the three days so far. I’ve just started Chapter Fourteen and a decision that will ruin the main character’s life.

4:54 PM

Break #2, almost two hours late, but I only got revved up at 1:30 and had to make up some lost time. Currently sitting at 7,116 for the day, with a total of 32,116. Feels like pulling teeth and yet I’m ahead of yesterday’s schedule. Go figure. The ‘villain’ (as much as a work like this can have one) has finally appeared on the scene, and she’s quite the character. Things have almost thoroughly fallen apart. Oh, I’m also on Chapter Sixteen, but very close to Seventeen.

Quick nap, dinner, and I’m back at it.

10:29 PM

Decided to push on through after dinner without stopping. Came about a thousand words short of today’s goal, but I really have nothing left in the tank. The story is stopping at a good spot for picking up tomorrow, and I actually think I’ll cross the finish line on the first draft, though I have lots of new scenes to go in and backfill. I guess final version will sit somewhere around 80,000 words with the new scenes. So today’s numbers, 11,497 words, for a grand total of 36,947. I had no idea I was even capable of something like that. Unreal. One more day to go! See you then.

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