Carrying on with Day Two of the #laboringaway Marathon

Getting a late start today as…well, long story, but I’m catsitting this weekend and the keys ended up lost, necessitating an early morning trip to Gettysburg, PA. I hadn’t built my schedule for this so it cost me some precious sleep that I’ve now caught up. I’m going to be cranking away from noon to midnight now.

2:50 PM

First break of the day, hour long. I’m sitting at 3963 words for the day, a grand total of 17,076 words into the novel. I’m really hoping to hit the 25,000 word mark today so there’s still a lot of work to go, but feeling good. I’m currently embroiled in Chapter Nine, wherein the main character sees his addiction begin to escalate.

6:37 PM

Starting to feel the exhaustion. Not great news when I’m still about 5,000 words from today’s goal. I’m now at 7,372 words for the day at a total of 20,485 since yesterday morning. Just finished Chapter Ten, wherein we had a significant proposal.

10:27 PM

Calling it a day at 11, 895 words. Fewer than yesterday, but not bad considering I started three hours later and am wrapping up at just about the same time. The book now sits at a hair over 25,000 words, just where I wanted to be. Things have gotten very dramatic and are approaching the endgame, but new scenes are continually suggesting themselves as I write so it’ll be no problem hitting that 50,000. See you tomorrow.

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