Progress Quest: A Busy Week

Hi again everybody, hope you had a happy and healthy week. Things have been busy as ever over here at Qwendellonia HQ. First, the stats to match up with last week:

  • I am roughly 39% into the first revision of Pathways, up from 30% last week. I’m in the middle of editing Chapter 11 and expect to have “Book 1” (aka the first section) finished this week.
  • Corridors re-release is now 75% finished.
  • Still waiting on the covers, but we had some cash flow problems that slowed the process on that end. These things happen. Still on track for a cover reveal next month, I think.

And, of course, Room 3 made an appearance on Kindle Nation Daily last week. Particularly proud of that one, as it received a great write-up and sold pretty well. You can definitely expect more of that going forward.

Things have been crazy. Pathways is really eating up most of my time, to the point that I dream about the story and characters. Speaking of which, I want to give you guys a write-up on the new characters very soon, along with information on where the old familiar characters are at the beginning of this novel.

Things are in motion.

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