The Room 3 Tour Continues -and- Some Quick Thoughts

Welcome back folks. Today the Room 3 tour is still ongoing, this time stopping over at Vaempires for a quick post about the real-world locations in Room 3. You can check it out at We’re also giving away a ton of exciting prizes and today I can finally offer you the opportunity to join in the giveaway via Shaggin the Muse. This is our Rafflecopter, and please, feel free to do any or none of these. I’m itching to give these books away, and would love to send them your way!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It’s exciting to see the book finally beginning to take off after the show last Saturday, an appearance on BookGorilla, and now this. More is in the works, however; in June I’m going to take Room 3 KDP Select exclusive for at least the next three months, which will accompany an appearance as the Kindle Nation Daily eBook of the day in July (tentatively July 11th, more news on that in the near future).

Now as for more mundane news – the nuts-and-bolts of writing. Things have been a little slow with my vacation, but they’re picking up. Pathways of the Dead currently sits at 96K words and I’m anticipating it to finish somewhere between 105 and 110. It’s funny, the process this time has been a tad more difficult than Room 3, but the lessons that I learned in writing Room 3 have kept me on a way more even keel.

I also have two other novels in the hopper in addition to the Among the Dead series and Mirror Untrue. One is about a painting that turns out to be a prophecy of murder (trust me though, this one isn’t supernatural, more of a thriller) and the other is about a woman who begins to see her insular community in a very different fashion following a traumatic event. The former came from a dream. The latter came from reading the Facebook of an old high school acquaintance and realizing what incredibly different worlds we occupy and wondering what might happen when those worlds collide. Both already have titles and it’s just a matter of when, not if, I will write them. All in due time.

Oh, and hopefully the cover reveal for Pathways will be later this Summer. I’m working with a new, very talented cover artist who is revisiting the original visions for the Corridors cover now and has a great idea for the Pathways cover. Again, all in due time…

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