Status Update for a Quiet April

Hey everybody, back again. Before I get started, a reminder that I’ll be appearing in Kensington, Maryland on Sunday at the Kensington Day of the Book festival. I’ll have copies of all my books there and will be happy to sign any existing copies that you might have, or even just chit-chat.

As for other matters, I’m sure like five of you are probably wondering where I am these days, and that’s an excellent question. The good news is that I’m doing lots of writing. The bad news is that I’m not doing it here. This site is definitely not abandoned, so no worries on that, I’m just slowing it down as I need to dedicate more of the writing time and words to the novel itself.

And City of the Dead is going really well. I’ve received some great feedback from the critique group and I think the story, while complex, is really going to knock your pants off. Just about everything is an upgrade from Corridors of the Dead – more action, more mystery, and more drama, with the last third of the book just completely coming unhinged (in a good way). I know I probably sound like a shill for my own work but I’m just excited by what’s coming together here and it’s why the book has so heavily drawn my attention of late.

Toby Neale put me back on the right path last week with the point that we need to connect with our characters first and foremost and that put things into the proper perspective. The characters are really what matter and I do love them – I just needed to remember that.

Anyway. Book is sitting at just about 87,000 words and I’m approaching the end of the second section. Still not sure on the release time frame yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to have this draft done by the end of May, early June at the latest. From there it shouldn’t be nearly as difficult as Room 3, as it’s already seen way more eyes than Room 3 did when it hit beta. I’ve just been lucky to get a lot of the pain out of the way early.

So patience – good things are coming!

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  1. I’m happy to hear the writing is going well! Enjoy Kensington!

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