FarPoint Convention Liveblog: Day 2

7:47 AM

Got home a little after Midnight last night. Signing session turned out to be something of a dud, as I had been tucked away in a corner away from the regular guests. To be expected, I suppose, and I do note that I’m a lot earlier in my career than a lot of those folks. Still a little frustrating. Hoping today turns out to be a better day.

10:10 AM
Just finished morning setup. Lots of folks here already.


12:45 PM

Just gave a video interview! Not sure where it will show up. I’ll share details once I have them.

5:32 PM

Just met Giancarlo Esposito. Highlight of the day.


But I also met Peter David!


And Felicia Day.


Yes, that one is signed to friend of the blog Aniko Carmean. Not a bad day after all!

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  1. Nice! Yeah, so the difference between a bookstore signing and an SF convention signing is, well, the above.

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