Shadows, Shadows Everywhere!

Greets, readers, and welcome back to the ongoing show. Hope you Americans had a great holiday, and for those of you abroad, sincerest apologies for the radio silence last week. I took the week off, for whatever that means to 90% of writers. In my world, it just means that the word count took a temporary dip (as it does every year) as I spent time with family and friends. I continued to chew at my stories as a dog will chew at a bone, and I even managed to start writing the next story for Wednesday Fiction, a fun holiday story titled “Open Slay” (heh). Here’s a little hint as to the story’s subject matter:

Hmm. What could it be? Anyway, look for the first part on Wednesday, with the next three parts following on each week, culminating in the final “episode” on December 19th. This is the last story that will make the short story collection due out next year.

Speaking of which, big news on that front! The collection now has a title, as brainstormed with the lovely wife: Shadow Boxes. Shadow boxes, of course, are “enclosed glass-front case(s) containing an object or objects presented in a thematic grouping with artistic or personal significance” (Wikipedia). The title seemed especially fitting given that each of the short stories in this collection are played out on a single stage. 

I’m currently working with super-artist Ryan Bibby on the cover, but I have a semi-complete list of stories to be included. I’m digging through the archives (they’re way bigger than I expected) to see if any older stories fit, but this is what it looks like at the moment. There are currently six stories exclusive to this collection, and there may be more to come. Here is the current roster; the bold titles have never appeared in print before.

  • I Was Born for the Stage
  • Once Upon a Friday
  • On the Air
  • The Rudest Man in Rock
  • Open Slay
  • The Kayson Cycle
  • Abby the Hero
  • Spiral
  • Came a Child
  • Josephine
  • The Coin
  • This is for You, DC!
  • The Reaper’s Blade
And speaking of On the Air and Shadows, it looks possible that the anthology Somewhere in the Shadows will be released this coming weekend. I’ll have more details, including a giveaway, once we’ve nailed down the final release date and cover, but brace yourself – it’s finally coming!
One final bit of news: I’ll be appearing at the Greenbelt, MD Festival of Lights at the Greenbelt Community Center this coming Sunday, from 1:30 to 4:00. I will be in Room 114, the Humanities Room, with other members of the Maryland Writers Association, and will have copies of Corridors of the Dead, The Station, and Room 3 on hand. I’ll also have a few tchotchkes to give away. I’d love to meet you there!
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  1. I”m so glad that “This is for You, DC!”, especially, will be available to new readers!

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