Room 3 Week: Day 4 – The Factions

Welcome back once again, folks. Glad to have you here, and if you’ve read all of these so far, then I’m appreciative. Tomorrow I’m going to be outlining next week’s promotions, which include a giveaway and a two-for-one deal. For now, though, let’s look at the last major post for this week…

Those who have read The Corridors of the Dead (first in the Among the Dead trilogy) know that the Among the Dead mythos is populated by a number of factions, some of which “control” the Multiverse, and some of which are vying to seize that control. The factions are somewhat deliberately obscured in both Corridors and Room 3, as we are dealing with protagonists who come at this whole new world from a total outsider’s perspective; I want the reader to experience the same sort of confusion going into this that the characters will experience, and live through the same epiphanies that the characters experience.

That said, some of this lays the groundwork for stuff that will only really come to fruition in book 3, Portal of the Dead, and I figured it might be good to come clean and better explain these factions.

1. The Watchtowers. The Watchtowers are owned and run by the Aetelia, which we humans call angels. Within the structure of the books’ Multiverse, the Aetelia occupy a level of understanding roughly equal to our own understanding of the universe. By that, I mean that they have unraveled a number of major metaphysical mysteries beyond human comprehension – so, in a manner of speaking they’re a rung or two above us on an evolutionary scale and have a far greater view of the stuff that makes up the cosmos, but their knowledge is nowhere near all-encompassing. They don’t understand the nature of God or whether one even exists. They posit a Prime Mover who set everything in motion, but have very little evidence of that. When Matty learns the truth about our reality (that we are all constructs in a giant computer simulation), the Watchtowers are unaware of this truth. They only learn it through Matty’s confession to them. Matty is not, however, the first to know this truth. That brings us to…

2. The Acolytes. They play a major role in City of the Dead, but, like the Watchtowers, do not appear in Room 3. The Acolytes are part religious fanatics, part spy organization, and part order of mystics. They are led by Tommy, the ancient manchild who has interpreted Alma’s will (for they were once known as Alma’s Acolytes) regarding her long-ago prophecy of the Chosen One (Matty) and the Reckoning, which would bring an end to the Multiverse as it had been understood to that point. The Acolytes have always stood opposed to those who would overthrow the kingdom of humanity, but have forged an uneasy truce with the Watchtowers in order to oppose…

4. The Watchers. Room 3 is really about The Watchers. The Corridors of the Dead taught us a little about them – they were a group of chosen Aetelia who came to the Earth realm(s) and enslaved humanity in an attempt to take over as rulers of the Multiverse. The Watchtowers caught wind of this plot and, with the help of the Acolytes, wiped the Watchers and their half-angelic offspring, the Nephil, from the face of the Earth in an event known as The Flood (and later canonized as Noah’s Flood or the Great Deluge). The Watchtowers banished them to the outer reaches of the Multiverse, but the Watchers never gave up. They found ways to get small groups of their own back to Earth, hiding out and weaseling their way back into Earth politics and corporations.

SPOILER ALERT HERE. From here on out, it’s spoiler-riffic, but you can always come back and read it afterwards if you have any questions. I’ve made the text white, so if you really want to read it, just select it with your mouse. If you’re not interested, just keep scrolling.

I’m for serious. Dead space for a bit, then I start writing again.




Still with me? Okay, that’s where Room 3 picks up. A discovery made by humanity long ago has been co-opted by the Watchers and they are attempting to use it to fabricate an army large and strong enough to storm the gates of “heaven” (the Watchtowers) and seize the reins of control. Some of these events pre-date The Corridors of the Dead, and some occur right near the end of the book. The events of Room 3 cast a long shadow into City of the Dead and come to a head in Portal of the Dead.




This is why I struggle with explaining whether Room 3 is the “sequel” to Corridors of the Dead. No, not exactly, but its story is integral to the events of the overall trilogy. I think you could read the entire trilogy without Room 3 and get the gist of it – but you’ll get a neat little jolt when events occur the way they do in City and Portal. I like tying things together in this fashion.

And that’s it for the meat of Room 3 week. Tomorrow we’ll discuss next week’s copious amount of promotions and giveaways. I’m stoked, and I hope you are!

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  1. Jonathan,

    I appreciated this post. I was admittedly (as I think I mentioned in my review of COTD) a little confused by some of the factions, but this cleared it up.

    A little note, though. You give away a big part of COTD in the part about the Watchtowers that you might want to remove.

    Paul D. Dail

    • Thanks, Paul. A lot of the connections are meant to be cleared up through subsequent books – always the danger of writing a series 🙂 I don’t mind giving away that portion of COTD, though, since it’s about a year old now and that very part is going to be a major factor in City.

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