Room 3 Launch Winners, Holiday Crush, and Planning a Tour. Whew!

Evening, readers. First of all, congrats to Cinta García de la Rosa for winning the $25 Amazon gift card in the Room 3 launch. If you missed this one, don’t worry – we’ll have a tour in early December for the rest of you folks. I’ll talk about that one shortly.

In the meantime, of course it’s a holiday week, and I’ve decided to take this week off from my day job. We’re heading out of town on Thursday to visit my parents and spend time with friends, so I don’t know how much I’ll be updating the site. Hopefully “enough” will do the trick? I don’t know. I’m focusing especially hard on City of the Dead right now, in hopes that I can get the first draft of that completed before the end of the year. Can it be done? I don’t know. I’m about halfway through, but it’s flowing out in a fairly steady stream, and it seems pretty good so far.

Fans of the series (all five of you) should enjoy it, based on how things stand now, and it’s far from having the early problems that I experienced with Room 3. The new characters are a lot of fun, and I’m enjoying spending some time with them. I’ll talk about them sometime in the future, but for now…a slight teaser: I think that the cover weapon (as it was a pistol for Corridors of the Dead and a sword for The Station) will be a scythe. Consider what that one might mean.

Otherwise, the writing life is going fairly well. Spent some time with the critique group yesterday and will be submitting the next section of City for their examination in the next few weeks.Let me tell you, it is a huge relief to have those folks in my corner during the crucial early phases of drafting. Quality is important to me, and I want to pass that on to you, the reader. Every additional step ensures that you receive a good story that’s worth reading, and that’s really all I want – financial considerations come a distant second to that. I have my own business, Brown Pig Brown, selling collectibles and video games, to cover that sort of thing (hint hint, heh).

Anyway, the holidays are always an interesting time around here as my three jobs are in full swing, so I apologize in advance if I seem a little distracted.

Now, then, to other matters.

Room 3 is getting its first full tour from December 10th to December 14th! My touring company, Innovative Online Book Tours, is enrolling its own folks, but I’d love to have my readers involved, as well. If you’re interested, please, drop me a line at and I can pass your information along to my company. We have pre-written guest entries, so you don’t have to write up an entry unless you truly want to. If you’d like review copies, we can provide that, as well. Let me know, I’d love to have you on board!

That’s all for today…I’d like to check in with you folks one more day this week, just to say what’s up and happy Thanksgiving to folks in the States. In the meantime, stay safe!


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