Coffin Hop Day 9: The Winners!

Welcome for the last time, Hoppers. A little sad that the whole thing is over, but I had a blast this year. Thanks for the visits and thanks for the great blog posts. I hope you had as much fun as I did. I know you’re probably not here for the kudos or whatever, though, so let’s get on to the REALLY fun stuff…

I thought eight prizes would be more than enough for folks to have a good shot, but I didn’t anticipate the sheer number of entrants. In the end, I had over 60 entries. To be fair, I assigned each comment entry a unique number identifier and fed those identifiers into the random number generator. Some folks only qualified for one or the other prize package (for fairness’ sake, I disqualified members of TESSpecFic from winning that prize pack and members of my family and friends from winning my own pack).

Now, without further ado…our winners. First, the TESS prize pack!

Congrats to BN100, A.F. Stewart, and Sue O’Reilly! I’ve either emailed these folks or will be emailing them shortly to get information about their preferred formats, etc. Thanks a lot for showing up and participating.

Now for the winners of my own personal library (four books and counting)… This includes:

  • The Kayson Cycle
  • The Corridors of the Dead
  • The Station
  • Room 3

I have five of these to give out, and the winners are Aniko Carmean, E. Arroyo, Penina, Penelope Crowe, and James Garcia Jr. I’ll be contacting these folks as well!


That covers the Coffin Hop for this year. Hope you had fun. I know I did, and I’ll be doing some more features similar to these throughout the year.

Next week we begin the big creep toward Room 3’s release on 11/12 with Room 3 Week….which will technically be a little over two weeks. Hey, I get to make the rules here. See you then!

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  1. I won!!! I won a collection of awesomeness that includes Room 3!! Oh, I have been waiting for this book for so long – thank you!!


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