News of the World: Bits and Pieces

Lots of irons in the fire right now – both on the “work” front and on the WORK front, if you know what I’m saying – so I’m going with something of an abbreviated post format today. Besides, I haven’t shared any news with you guys in a few weeks, so I figure I’m due. Here’s what’s up in my world at the moment:

  • Room 3 is nearing completion with my editor. She’s told me to expect the manuscript back early next week. Once that happens, I’m going to dive into making those changes and some that I’ve noted in my proofs.
  • Speaking of proofs, the Room 3 proof is in great shape. Still a few lingering issues, but they’re ones that always get cleared up with editors’ changes. The most important parts of the early proofing process, the cover and front matter, are all just how I want them. This hopefully means that we get one more proof and the book is ready. All this leads me to believe that I can get this book out on 10/24. That’s not a firm commitment just yet, but it is, however, the most solid date that I’ve had to this point. Only six months late, but what’s a delay here or there between friends? I believe that this may be an ebook-only date and the print book may be a week later, but I’m going to bust my ass to try to get both out on the same date.
  • In other news, On the Air should be out around roughly the same time, as part of the Somewhere in the Shadows anthology. There’s not a whole lot of information out there about the project yet, so I don’t want to be the one to break all of the news. Let’s just say it’s in the works.
  • I’m also working on a short story called Servant Girl that will appear in the first Emissaries of Speculative Fiction anthology. It’s a dark little tale with a neat twist (if I do say so myself). I really can’t tell you too much more without spoiling it. We’re shooting to get that anthology out in December, and I’m going to be handling formatting for both the ebook and print editions.
  • That reminds me, I’ve also agreed to take on the task of helping Marie Loughin create a print version of her excellent book Valknut: The Binding. I have to admit a certain selfishness to this project; I want to see a printed copy so I can get it autographed. I do, however, also think that it deserves a print run, and I’m glad to help Marie make it happen after all that she did to help Room 3 during its painful birthing process.
  • I will be at the Maryland Writers Conference on October 20th. I’m trying to get my books sold in the authors’ room, but still trying to work that out. If you’re attending, look for me, and I’d be happy to sign books or even just exchange business cards. It sounds like a blast.
  • If anyone has open slots on their podcast, I’d love to do another podcast interview. I’m actively asking around about this, but also throwing out a net here to anyone who might have an open spot and reads this blog.

So lots of exciting things going on and coming up, with some even more ambitious plans for 2013. I’m geeked, and I hope that I get to include a lot of you in this. See you soon, somewhere out there.

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  1. I’m excited about all of this news, Jonathan! It’s great you’re helping Marie make a print edition of Valknut, and super-awesome you’re willing to handle the formatting for our #TESSpecFic anthology. 🙂 Congrats on how well everything is going, and yay for being prolific!!


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