Coffin Hop Day 6: Hurricane Sandy is here!

As most of you folks in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast know, Hurricane Sandy is blowing through our area. Things are already very cold and windy here, with the situation due to rapidly deteriorate tonight. I live on the 15th floor, so the already-dangerous 70 mph wind gusts are likely to be more like 80-85 up here. With that in mind, we’re currently focused on just riding this thing out, which means I probably won’t be updating much for the next few days. I do have one last fun post saved for Halloween day and am going to do my best to get it up. If not, I’ll have to post it once we have power.

Here’s what things look like from our balcony as of 10:30 this morning:

Not exactly the end of the world yet, but not great. I intend to keep on photographing as long as I can, so I can update here when time and power permits. Our thoughts are with the folks in the really dangerous part of this storm, though; the part with the dangerous surges and flooding. Stay safe.

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  1. Er, Jonathan, shouldn’t you stay away from the windows in high winds? Maybe draw the curtains?

    I hope it’s not as bad as everyone fears.

    • Well, yeah, once it really picks up, we’re going to stay away from them. This is kind of the early phase where we can still be safe.

  2. I hope things don’t get too bad where you live. Stay safe.

  3. My prayers are with you, Jonathan. We live in Norwalk, Ct which will be hit at about midnight. Out of pure coincidence we decided to visit my cousin in San Francisco, now I’m stuck here without knowing if I’ll have a house when I go back… Let’s keep our fingers crossed for everyone to be fine.

  4. Hope you’re ok.


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