The #TESSpecFic Weekly (With Special Guest): Fire Evacuation Edition

Hey hey, another week up. It’s been a busy one on my end, as I’m shifting into the final phase of editing Room 3 and firing up the bellows on City of the Dead. Oh, there’s also a short story or two digging in there somewhere. Next week should be a lot of fun, too, as Shaggin the Muse will be a stop on the Indie-pendence Blog Hop celebrating and discussing the state of indie publishing. This will mean some interviews, some in-depth posts, and free copies of books that I’ve recently read, including free copies of my own works. Be sure to check back in!

But, of course, we have to talk about this week for the Emissaries of Speculative Fiction. I realize that I haven’t defined the nature of our group yet, and need to clear up some of the confusion. Simply put, we are a small group of like-minded authors who write things such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all blends thereof.

There, simple enough, right? Now let’s talk about this week. I’m spotlighting another deserving blogger this week, Amberr Meadows. She writes in a slightly different vein, but I enjoy her stuff. Without further ado..

Amberr runs the site Like a Bump on a Blog, something of a travelogue/writing/photography/general blogging site. That seems like a pretty wide focus, but that’s honestly the appeal of the site. You have no idea what she’ll cover next. One day she’s talking about low-price ideas for travel in New York City, the next she’s talking about the video game Diablo III (P.S. Amberr, thank you for that – I actually needed that app), and then she might wrap it up with a post about why she’s no longer visiting your blog (and how you can change that). What I’m trying to say is that it’s a fun, educational blog and well worth your time to check it out. You can also find Amberr at @amberrisme on Twitter. She’s very friendly, so feel free to give her a shout.

Aniko Carmean is heads-down on editing her WIP, so she might be a little scarce in the coming weeks, but for this week she posted a review of the book Dastardly Bastard, which really needs to go onto my to-read list. You can find her book Stolen Climates at Amazon and read my review here. You can also find her at @anikocarmean on Twitter.

Paul Dail’s regularly-scheduled post is on hiatus while his family is under fire evacuation. Glad to hear that he’s okay and the whole thing is likely just about over, but still, it’s hard not to worry. Paul’s set of short stories (Free Five) is now available on Amazon along with his political horror story The Golden Parachute and his novel The Imaginings. You can find him on Twitter at @pauldail.

Penelope Crowe asked the question of whether it’s possible to love one person for all or most of your life. It’s a very sweet and touching post, and worth reading (and commenting upon). Her short story, Absorbed, is free on Smashwords. Go get it! She also has 100 Unfortunate Days out on Amazon – see my review here. You can find her at @penelopecrowe on twitter.

Like Paul, J W Manus has been besieged by wildfires, this time the ones in Colorado Springs. Hopefully she’s still okay out there. Be sure to follow her at @callieshand on Twitter.



And that’s it for this week. Very interested to see where things go next week, especially if it means that many of our members are safe and sound.

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  1. Thank you so much for the glowing commendation. It made my heart happy. Glad to see you back in action, and I am very flattered. Have an amazing weekend!

  2. These are some awesome prizes, I hope I win.

  3. I haven’t read any books by these Authors, can’t wait to check them out!

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