The #TESSpecFic Weekly: Happy เดือนมิถุนายน!

Good lord, is it really Friday? Did I really make it through this week? It should have been easier than it turned out to be, given that I was off of my day job Monday and Tuesday, but here we are. Posting five entries this week certainly did not help; no wonder I burned out when I was previously maintaining that pace. Don’t expect that again anytime soon!

Since I’ve thoroughly said all I have to say for this week, I’ll let my pen-mates take over from here.

We’ll start with J W Manus, as we had the whole back-and-forth series of postings this week. In an approximate order: her post Do We Need Standards in eBooks; my post Ghosts of Formats Past; my post The Open Standards Phantom, and her post In the Formatting Wars, How Writers Can Win. I think the whole dialogue was pretty good, but I’m a little biased. Go on, check them out, and while you’re at it, follow JW at @callieshand on Twitter.

Kim Koning, of course, nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award (see earlier this week for that post). She also confessed to being a perfectionist when it comes to editing. I…yeah. Boy, can I relate. The post speaks to me, that’s for sure. You can find Kim’s work in Tales for Canterbury, which is next in my list of Emissary writings. Follow her at @authorkimkoning on Twitter and get in on her weekly #storycraft chats. Well worth the time.

Penelope Crowe’s back this week, and she had a great post questioning the “power” of positive thinking. It really hit home for me and I ended up writing an essay in the comments. Her short story, Absorbed, is free on Smashwords. Go get it! Her story Francine and the Super Pet Spy Bunny is still available, and she also has 100 Unfortunate Days out on Amazon – see my review here. You can find her at @penelopecrowe on twitter.

This week, Paul Dail interviews horror author Bryan Hall. He’s a pretty interesting guy, and the interview is a good read. Paul’s set of short stories (Free Five) is now available on Amazon along with his political horror story The Golden Parachute and his novel The Imaginings. You can find him on Twitter at @pauldail.

Aniko Carmean also received the Kreativ Blogger award, and found a “kreativ” way to answer the seven questions – it looks like an ongoing project. A fun one! You can find her book Stolen Climates at Amazon and read my review here. You can also find her at @anikocarmean on Twitter.

Last but not least, we have Marie Loughin, who came up with an excellent topic in her list of books that she’d want to be buried with; you know, to preserve culture for future generations. Not something morbid, for God’s sake. She called for answers from others, and I’m up to the challenge – look for my answer in the middle of next week. In the meantime, go pick up a copy of her book, Valknut the Binding. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and reviewed it here. By the way, you can catch Marie on Twitter at @mmloughin.

That’s that for this week. Thanks to everybody for a great, active week. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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  1. Another good wrap up, Jonathan. Thanks again for explaining the format wars to me, and readers everywhere.

    Good posts by everybody.

  2. Happy Friday, everyone. It was a good week in all y’all’s posts!!

  3. Jonathan, I like the Thai-tle! If no one else laughs, it’s okay. I cracked myself up, which makes the bad pun worth every electron spent!

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