The #TESSpecFic Weekly: Everybody Dance Now

Ah, we missed the Emissaries last week, and there were some great posts! Alas, I was just not up to it at the time. On the positive side, I did manage to make last week’s deadline, so the sacrifice was not in vain.

Still, we have a lot to catch up on, so let’s get on with it…

We lost Ray Bradbury early last week, and I never got to really address it, unfortunately. The guy was and continues to be very important to my development as a writer, but writing about him at this point would be ill-time. Thankfully, Marie Loughin shared her own thoughts on it, and they’re pretty close to my own thoughts. You can get her book, Valknut the Binding, on Amazon. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and reviewed it here. You can find Marie on Twitter at @mmloughin.

Aniko Carmean picked up the thread on my discussion over “what is indie” and she did so in a very compelling way, as always. The gem in this one: “I don’t harbor any ill-will towards traditional publishing or agents or the entire money-plex that is publishing. I choose to publish my books myself, not out of desperation, but because I do not want to take the traditional route.” Worth your time to read it. You can find her book Stolen Climates at Amazon and read my review here. You can also find her at @anikocarmean on Twitter.

This week, Paul Dail celebrates his blog-o-versary. Congrats, bro! He shares some of his lessons that he’s learned over the last year, and they’re very compelling; sort of cements some thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head. He also interviewed over at Penelope Crowe’s site Hot Books Daily. Check it out! Paul’s set of short stories (Free Five) is now available on Amazon along with his political horror story The Golden Parachute and his novel The Imaginings. You can find him on Twitter at @pauldail.

Speaking of Penelope Crowe, in addition to the interview above, she also asked the question of whether Medical Marijuana should be legal, which provoked some great discussion. Her short story, Absorbed, is free on Smashwords. Go get it! Her story Francine and the Super Pet Spy Bunny is still available, and she also has 100 Unfortunate Days out on Amazon – see my review here. You can find her at @penelopecrowe on twitter.

J W Manus shared her own process in producing a book that was a little more daunting when it came to formatting. It was a fascinating read, and drove me to think a little more about my own process when it comes to formatting. She also asked the question of why readers are suddenly so concerned with editing (a valid one as far as I’m concerned). Be sure to follow her at @callieshand on Twitter.

Kim Koning talked about how difficult it is for her to ignore great ideas and how she organizes inspiration (Evernote is fantastic!) in “My Muse is a Tease”. You can find Kim’s work in Tales for Canterbury, which is next in my list of Emissary writings. Follow her at @authorkimkoning on Twitter and get in on her weekly #storycraft chats. Well worth the time.

That’s that for this week. Next week’s tentative schedule on this blog includes a look at the ongoing critic/author issues and a speech that I’m giving early next week. Be sure to join me!

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  1. Hey, no sweat on missing last week. Just don’t do it again 🙂

    Just kidding of course. Thanks as always. And yes, it has been a good couple of weeks for the TESSpecFic gang. Some great posts.

    And congratulations on meeting your deadline. I’d rather have you do that than get these posts up. It lends itself more to your happiness as opposed to taking care of the rest of us. But still, thanks so much.


  2. Congrats on making the deadline! Was it for fiction writing? I bet you told us this in your previous post, but I can’t recall! Silly swiss-cheese brain o’mine. 🙂

    Thanks for the recap!

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