Still Here! And So Are Guinea Pigs.

Sorry for the lack of entries this week. I had them all lined up and ready to write, but work has been crazy, so it looks like I won’t be able to get to some of these until next week. Shame, really. In the meantime, accept guinea pigs.


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    Good luck with the work craziness!

  2. Oh my gosh…the CUTENESS!!!!
    Are they yours??
    Take your time–work can be wild–we’ll be here 🙂

    • Jonathan D Allen

      The bottom one used to be mine, but he passed away last year. I have two others now on my FB page. They’re cute as all hell 🙂

  3. My cat just asked if he can go play at your house. I told him I didn’t think you would like that. He said it’s worth asking.

  4. I wish they were all ours. Piggeh Plantation, bitches! 🙂

  5. As my daughter would say, “EEeeeeeeee!”

    Looks like they’re multiplying…

  6. Lol, okay. Fourth picture down is my favorite. 🙂

  7. Yup. Pretty stinkin’ cute. I’ve always been a fan of guinea pigs.

    I’m pretty sure you knew that already. Again, just one more thing about us.

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