The Station is Here, and a Wild Sale Appears!

Today is the official release date for The Station, the prequel to both Corridors of the Dead and City of the Dead. I’m very excited to get this story out for people to read.

The Station is the first part of a two-part tale that gives the reader more information on both the Watcher Empire and the enigmatic group known as “Those Who Came Before”. This story is about Tammuz, a logician (read: librarian) for the Watchers’ great library who is fascinated by the distant past, and especially Those Who Came Before. The Watchers expunged the records of Those Who Came Before, but Tammuz has continued to search for oblique references to their lost culture. An organization known as Alma’s Acolytes discovers his mission and seeks him out, offering their knowledge. Together, the group decode a hidden trail in history, revealing that Those Who Came Before had left a city in Antarctica, whichTammuz’s people call “The Forbidden Lands”. Tammuz is sent to the Forbidden Lands to uncover the lost city and, more specifically, a hidden station within that city that conceals a mysterious artifact linking the past to the future. He knows that his mission – and the discovery that lies at the center of The Station – will change the world, but he doesn’t realize that it will also change the very core of his identity.

This story will eventually be part of City of the Dead, but I think it stands alone quite well. The sequel to this, focusing on the lost city before Those Who Came Before passed from the Earth, will be published at some point between the release of City of the Dead and Portal of the Dead, as those events are highly relevant to what occurs in the third book of the trilogy.

There’s just one problem with the story at the moment…this one shows up on Amazon as “Jonathan Allen”, not “Jonathan D. Allen”, so it’s a little tricky to find via Amazon at the moment. Thus, we see the hazards of posting a story late at night after two marathon editing sessions. Oh, well. With KDP’s slowness in getting the story to the official “publication” phase and claiming a book in author central, I can’t currently edit this to fix it, but it will be corrected ASAP. In the meantime, you can still purchase it here. I’m also working on a print version, as I think I can swing it, but I’ll update with more information as it becomes available.

But that’s not all! In addition to posting The Station, The Kayson Cycle is now free until Friday, and I’ve dropped the price of The Corridors of the Dead to 99 cents so you can experience both tales from the Among the Dead series for less than two bucks. I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to check out my fiction, so have at it!

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  1. Looove the cover!
    I have soo been there with the late-night editing…I put my pen-name on a kid’s book that should have been listed under Dea. Not the end of the world…just a pain.
    We will find it despite the lack of an upper-case D
    Congratulations Jonathan!

  2. Congratulations, Jonathan D. Truly a great accomplishment.

  3. Congrats! It’s always an exciting thing to get a new work out there. Speaking of exciting, I like the way the new book sounds. I may just have to give it a look see.

    ps: I completely understand about hitting the publish button too soon and then banging my head against the desk until KDP unlocks it again. 🙂

  4. The cover is beautiful! The story is awesome. I’m so glad you’ve shared it with the world!

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