The Station Cover Reveal and Details!

With a release date fast approaching (I’m hoping sooner rather than later, but I want to have this coincide with a re-launch of Corridors of the Dead with a new cover and new print edition), I think it’s time to get The Station’s cover out there, along with some details of the story and what you can expect in terms of launch support – I’m having a pretty big sale to celebrate its release. First, the cover!

Ryan from Novel Branding took the concept of creating old-school-style covers for the entire Among the Dead series, including its short story offshoots and really ran with it. We’re currently in the early stages of working on the cover for the Corridors relaunch, but you can expect something in the same vein for both the ebooks and print editions.

I’m currently crafting the Amazon blurb, but in a nutshell, the story goes like this for those who are familiar with Corridors:

9,000 years before the events of Corridors of the Dead, the Watchers ran the world with an iron fist; they controlled all methods of transportation, policed 90% of the Earth’s surface, and carefully scrutinized the activities of humanity. While not completely on par with our current technology, they had done quite well and even gotten as far as flying airships, which allowed humans, Watchers, and their Nephil offspring to both travel and consolidate power across the globe.

Our story begins with a logician (read: librarian) academic who has been sent to the Forbidden Lands in the Antarctic to find the lost remnants of an even more ancient civilization and locate a relic that could turn the tide of humanity’s secret rebellion against the Watchers. With some hard work, he finds a near-mythical location: The Station, where the relic is said to lie.

What he finds there will change his life forever.

For those who have read Corridors, this story also explains the background of a character in that story who will play a far larger role in City of the Dead, forming a bridge between the two novels. An edited version will also appear as interludes in City of the Dead.

Now, the support. On Launch Day, you can expect to find my story, The Kayson Cycle, for free on Amazon. I’m also dropping the price of Corridors of the Dead to 99 cents, matching the launch price of The Station. I hope to have some new promotional items in around that time, too, as well as a trivia giveaway. Don’t worry about missing it, I’ll put it up here again.

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  1. That is a very interesting cover. Kudos to you and your designer.

    • Jonathan D Allen

      Thanks, I’ve been dying to do something that looked distinctive without looking crappy 🙂 It’s surprisingly tricky.

  2. I especially like the drugstore price tag; that’s a nice touch. Does it say “Defoe Drugs”? Is there some sort of Robinson Crusoe allusion going on here?

    • Jonathan D Allen

      Yeah Ryan came up with that, I thought it was a really inspired touch. I don’t think it’s a Crusoe reference, though. It seems to have been a Canadian drugstore in the 1950s, from what I can find.

  3. It looks 3D! It makes me want to run my fingers over all the patterns and the text!

  4. Nice cover! And the blurb sounds interesting. I look forward to reading it. (There is real light at the end of the tunnel, now. Not just a train engine coming my way.)

  5. Interesting cover! Love the vintage feel! The book sounds intriguing too.

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