Sick Day and Outrageous Cherry

Apologies to those with whom I normally interact/share at this point of the week, I’m just incredibly ill at the moment with a nasty chest cold, so I’m going to have to make this short and sweet. I had hoped to have The Station and its promotion ready to go by Wednesday but it looks more like it will be Friday or Saturday based on how I’m feeling at the moment. I  just can’t focus on much of anything. In the meantime, want to share this post from J W Manus about six good reasons to go with traditional publishing that has really opened my eyes to what I want from my career. As loathe as I have been to admit it, some of those things really matter to me, though I’m not sure that I’ve written a blockbuster. Probably not. But I’d like to give some of that other stuff a go.

I also managed to piece together an entry over on Found Music about the band Outrageous Cherry, a 60s throwback group that I really enjoy:

Named after a brilliant red hair dye, Detroit’s Outrageous Cherry explores the sunnier side of droning, fuzzy indie rock. The band started as a recording project in 1992 but blossomed into a full-fledged group when singer/guitarist/producer Matthew Smith, bassist Chad Gilchrist, guitaristLarry Ray, and drummer Deb Agnolli began performing live in 1993. Outrageous Cherry’s wistful noise-pop debuted with a limited-edition 7” of “Pale, Frail Lovely One” on the local Third Gear label. The song’s deceptively simple, garagey sound formed the template for the group’s style: on albums like 1994’s Outrageous Cherry and 1997’s Nothing’s Gonna Cheer You Up, Smith’s and Ray’s alternately jangly and feedback-laced guitars and Agnolli’s minimalist, floor tom-and-snare drumming combine with sweet vocals for a sound that falls between nostalgic and experimental.

I really like that album, so feel free to go over and check it out, along with a little bonus cover of the band by The New Pornographers.

Hopefully I’ll be back in a day or two with some better news.

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  1. Sorry you’re sick! I hope the brain fog clears up soon!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Yes, those were good posts from Jaye. I’m wondering if she will do a third post on small presses. I commented at the first one along the same lines. Have to admit that I can relate to those reasons for wanting to go more traditionally.

    Anyway, hope you are feeling better. I forgot to mention that I like the “real book” feel of The Station. Very interesting. Will be curious to see the redesign of COTD.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

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