The #TESSpecFic Weekly: There’s a Lot Going On

Is it really the end of the week? Odd one. It felt both slow and fast, if such a thing is possible. Perhaps it was a week that stepped into some warp of the space-time continuum. Or it could be that the relentless heat in my currently non-air-conditioned apartment is melting my brain. I have a feeling it’s the latter. Seriously, this unreasonable heat can let up at any point. When I talked about jumping through hoops of fire last week I wasn’t being literal, okay?

Perhaps it’s a sign of the end times?


J W Manus is going on vacation, leaving us all alone. *sniff*. I’m not sure what we’ll do without her – where am I going to going to get great tips about formatting and editing now? Le sigh. Seriously, I totally understand the need and wish her well. In the meantime, she still seems to be semi-active on Twitter, and you can find her at @callieshand.


Marie Loughin is finally able to return to us! At least, in some measure. She talked some about the new film John Carter this week – oh and just by the way one of her short stories got included in the humor anthology Collection From Hell by publisher Yard Dog Press. Pretty cool stuff! She also shared some reviews of the few stories that she’s been able to get through this year so far. Worth checking out. A reminder that her book, Valknut the Binding, is available on Amazon right now and WORTH the read. Find her at @mmloughin on Twitter.

Kim Koning offered some tips on editing that were incredibly, incredibly timely for me. If only I had heeded those words a little sooner, eh? Oh, well. Still a great post. You can find Kim’s work in Tales for Canterbury and she’s at @authorkimkoning on Twitter.

Paul Dail is back from vacation! What’s up, my man? Last week, he finished up on his experience in a Mexican Sweat Lodge (see part 1 here). This week, he’s hosting a guest  This week, he’s featuring a guest post from Rainy Kaye called “Five Tips for Writing Buddies”. I think I might have one of these and we’ve just never formalized it…will have to discuss it with her. Oh, AND he’s taking up freelance writing and posted an article over at Suite101 asking why we love the villains. I thought I was busy! Wow. Just a reminder that Paul has a set of short stories (Free Five) up for free on Smashwords, along with his political horror story The Golden Parachute. You can find him on Twitter at @pauldail.

Aniko Carmean is still going strong. In fact, she was really busy this week! Her first post, Fleeting, Lovely examined the application development life cycle from the viewpoint of what is, essentially, chaos theory. She shared a video showing the inputs from different coders into the application itself, revealing a beautiful pattern of interconnectedness lying beneath what seemed like random changes. She talked about how that relates to our own lives and the connections we share, sometimes for our lives, sometimes for a day. It’s a great post. She also updated us on her to-dos and news. You can find her book Stolen Climates at Amazon, and you can find her at @anikocarmean on Twitter.

Last but not least, Penelope Crowe shared about her doggy. Really, you should check it out, easily the cutest thing I’ve seen recently (okay, this video is a pretty close second – seriously, click that thing, wow). Check out her book100 Unfortunate Days. I swear I’ll get to it when my reading schedule gets a lot lighter. She’s @penelopecrowe on twitter.


Wow, we’re a busy group! I have this strange feeling it’s only going to get busier as the year goes on…

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  1. So it’s been hot there? It’s been as cool and wet as usual, here. We’re finally getting some nice weather today — it might make it to 50 degrees and it’s sunny. Beautiful! I want to go play hooky from everything and sit under a tree 🙂

    Glad to see everyone so active! And I don’t blame Jaye for taking a break. She’s been cranking out multiple high quality posts per week on two blogs for weeks on end. I can imagine it’s a drain.

  2. My nine day weekend is nearly at an end! I probably won’t have another two-post week on my blog for the foreseeable future. Thanks for the weekly round-up and for so accurately describing my Fleeting, Lovely post.

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