The #TESSpecFic Weekly: Book Launch Time!

Apologies for my absence of late, but I’m facing down a deadline of 3/12 to get my next novel, Room 3, to my editor, so all of my writing focus is being thrown toward that project. I miss writing regularly on the blog, but priorities are what priorities are. My hope is that once you read the final product, you’ll understand. I’m very excited about this new work, and where things are going with my writing.

But we still have a world of fun stuff going on with TESSpecFic this week, including a book launch, so let’s take a peek into what’s been going on.

We’ll start with Aniko Carmean, who released her first novel, Stolen Climates, this week. I’ve been waiting with bated breath (ick) since the first of February, so I was glad to get my grubby mitts on a digital copy. It’s next on my reading list, but for now, I want a print copy! Oh, and I also joined Team Aniko, wherein you can help her distribute promo materials. I hadn’t considered this idea before for writers, but I love it. It has a real “street team” feel that you get in music. I may have to rip this idea off, with her permission, of course! Wait, is it a rip-off, then? Anyway, you can find her at @anikocarmean on Twitter.

Paul Dail has been busy the last few weeks. In addition to putting up a set of short stories (Free Five) up for free on Smashwords, along with his political horror story The Golden Parachute, he released another short story this week entitled The Interview. I’m in awe of the man’s output! He also found time to interview fellow TESSer Penelope Crowe and will be sharing about an interesting experience in Mexico next week. Check it out! You can find him on Twitter at @pauldail.

Aside from her appearance on Paul’s blog, Penelope shared another personal story this week, this time on a cute event in her youth titled The First Time I Was Charmed. Just a reminder about her book 100 Unfortunate Days; she’s been sharing pieces of it on her site for awhile. Worth checking out! She’s @penelopecrowe on twitter.


J W Manus continues to be eternally busy. She shared an extremely helpful entry on trusting the self-publishing process (or at least not fearing it), and announced the winners of her poetry contest. I’m excited to see what she shares next. You can find her at @callieshand.


And that’s it for this week. Wish I had more to report on my own blog, but you should see the pace pick back up once the book is in my editor’s hands. Until then…

Well, at least next week I’ll give you a sneak peek at my editing progress thus far. It’s been an interesting trip.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Jonathan. I’m thrilled everybody is being so productive. (and Larry the Kindle thanks you all, too, he’s feeling quite full and pleased with himself these days. 😉 )

  2. Thanks indeed, my friend. And I wish I could say I was putting out that much new material. The short stories I’ve been releasing are all previously written (of course, there is the revision/editing process. Some of them are old enough that I might as well just be rewriting them :)).

    I’m just happy that this e-revolution seems to be reviving the short story form. Now I have something to do with all of them.

    Good luck on getting Room 3 to the editor.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

    • Jonathan D Allen

      Hey don’t forget, I’m doing the editing/revision process right now myself, and I know how difficult it can be. Even just revising all those stories must be a lot of work. And thanks bud.

  3. Jonathan, thanks for doing the round-up & listing the publication of my book! The idea for Team Aniko was inspired by the music scene, Ani DiFranco, to be exact. If Queen of the (music) Indies does it with success, it’s wroth a try. Please, promo away; maybe we’ll be trendsetters!

    Paul, I’m with you on it being awesome that the short story format is making a comeback with e-readers. I have over thirty short stories that were rejected oh, enough times for me to to say the non-G-rated form of “F-bomb! I don’t need this poo! Not for a grand readership of 15 people and no pay!” I am also planning on putting together some short story 3-packs at some point this summer. A good many of the stories aren’t ever going to be ready for prime time, but some of them will make good publication candidates (w/ revision).

    • Jonathan D Allen

      Hah, that is so awesome, I was actually thinking of Ani when I mentioned the whole Street Team approach. Love her. I’m going to keep it in mind 🙂

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