Gone Fishing (With Bunnies)

Sorry for my extended absence this week. I’m trying my damnedest to get Room 3 ready for my editor, and am dealing with an excess of wedding preparations this week. I have a lot of great ideas, though, and will be back with the regular schedule next week. Accept these bunnies as way of apology.

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  1. OK! Whatever you think you did you are forgiven! I’m off in cute-world…thank you!!

  2. As my daughter would say, “Eeeeeeeeeee!”

  3. One can never go wrong with bunnies! They were so cute that I had to show my wife when I got home from work (My iPhone had allowed me to peek much earlier in the day). You could have threatened a public official, but after those photos, no one would have recalled it!
    Good luck with that novel prep and eventual edits.


  4. Do you allow people to “pin” your bunnies on Pinterest?

  5. That first little bunny is such bunny perfection! Aww! As far as revisions go, the only way out is through, and you’re making it through just fine; I look forward to reading Room 3!

  6. And happy wedding planning! What month will be the lucky one? Mr. Aniko and I celebrate our 11 yr. wedding anniversary on the 19 of this month.

  7. Yup. Bunnies will do the trick. And these ones are pretty stinkin’ cute. Good luck with everything you have going on. Just a little over a month until the big day, eh? God speed, my friend.

    Paul D. Dail
    http://www.pauldail.com- A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

  8. These little bunnies are TOO cute!! 🙂

  9. Is that a tardis in the background of the last picture?

  10. hahahahahahah I wish my boss would except bunnies as apologies for late projects! I might just try it next time.

  11. they ae soo cute

  12. bunnies they are so cute:3
    :3< nom nom nom

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