Still Alive!

Apologies for the near-week of silence. I actually had a killer idea for an entry on Friday that  got pushed aside for time concerns, so it’s going to be up this Friday instead. Basically, I’m absent because I’m trying to make Room 3 the best book it can be, so at least there is (in my opinion) a good reason for my silence. I’m currently incorporating all of the beta comments while also making my own edits. Some of the beta comments had huge ripple effects, such as people not quite getting where the protagonist was supposed to be from, and that caused some confusion on some of her other statements.

Wait, let me back up. The protagonist, Kelli, says she’s from East Texas, ended up in Boston as a child, and then moved back to East Texas. After the events of the book she ends up in West Texas. Could I give you a good reason for all this moving around? Well, no, not really, aside from that just being the sort of thing that happens. So, to simplify, I just made her a child of Boston. Easy fix, right? Not so much. Ripples have gone through much of the work since that update, and I have to read pretty much every line to be sure it scans in her new accent, not to mention some changed slang.

Which is all well and good. I think in the end it will make for a stronger story, but it’s requiring a lot of attention to detail, which is taking away time for things like reading and writing blog entries.

In the meantime, however, I have blog entries planned for Wednesday and Friday, so expect more of me later in the week! Hope all is well.

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  1. Ummm… wow. I hope I wasn’t the only one who sort of stirred the pot there. But it is a very interesting book / concept! I’m looking forward to the final version.

  2. Best reason for a writer to be absent from social activities (or blogs!) is because they are writing!

  3. I totally agree with Aniko, Jonathan. If you have been hard at work crafting a book, the last thing that we want to do is distract you from it. Keep that nose to the grindstone! In fact, it’s what I should be doing now. Perhaps I’d better get back to that, huh?
    Take care,


  4. Most considerate. Even with all the work in front of you, you didn’t forget the troops back here at the base!

  5. The “trickle-down” effect can be overwhelming to edit, but I know from my own editing endeavors that the edit is often totally worth it, because it strengthens a book in ways the author hadn’t foreseen. Very likely time well spent!

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