It’s Official: Room 3 Cover and Sample are Here!

I’m excited (if still a bit off my game) today. Why, you ask? Well, title says it all. The cover to Room 3 is finally ready to go, and I’m happy to show it to you.

Thanks go to Ryan of Novel Branding for another knockout cover. Dude knows his stuff. Here’s the current blurb:

Stolen away from the world she thought she knew by a shadowy organization, Kelli has accepted their warped version of reality; over and over, she is forced into a dream world, where she must unravel a mysterious song and free a hostage trapped in a giant tree. Long-term failure means only one thing: death.

Then came Carla. A new captive, the Organization treats her like royalty, hailing her as the key to their success.With Carla’s arrival comes better treatment and an unexpected side effect: visits from dead family and friends. One pleads with her to protect Carla, while the other leads her to question Carla’s motivations and her own role in the Organization.

Following a failed escape attempt, Kelli’s fragile existence begins to unravel and she learns that  even her most basic assumptions about her life, and the world itself, could all be false. As events spiral out of control, Kelli finds herself caught in a whirlwind battle between godlike beings who hold own fate, and that of the entire Organization, in their hands.

I’ve also posted a sample chapter on my Room 3 page, up top, so go ahead and check it out! I’d love to know what you think so far.

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  1. Nice cover! Love the color scheme. I want to hang it on my wall. Great lettering, too.

  2. Love that cover Jonathan! Ryan does fantastic work, very gifted artist.

  3. I like the cover a lot. Except for the tree, looks like something a crazy person might scratch into a wall.

    • That’s exactly what I like about the tree. Feel like it fits the idea of the story better. Kind of otherworldly without being too ominous. However, I think I liked your last font better. The “3” when viewed smaller is going to be hard to pick out. I would also throw a period after the “D.” to set it off a little.

      I just have a moment here, so I’ll get back to you on the blurb and sample chapter. Write on, brother!

      Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

      • Yep, exactly what I like about the somewhat idyllic scene in the middle of all this. Early editions looked more like a Jodi Picoult cover, so we just kept twisting and twisting until we got a surreal feel to it.

        The 3 is my personal bane. We’ve tweaked it and tweaked it and it’s just how 3’s look in that font, which I love for what it adds to the surreal feel. I mean, really, it’s almost perfectly in line with my original vision for the cover. I actually tweaked it a little and you can see the results in the official page; that particular version scaled down a lot more nicely than this one.

  4. Sweet, my friend! It pops to the eye right away!

  5. Very nice! Ryan has done a smashing job!!

  6. Love the purple and hazy golds! I agree with Paul that the three might be hard to read when the picture is seen at a smaller resolution. Congratulations on making it to this point in the process!!

    • See my above comment 🙂 Frustrating, but I’m willing to live with it. And thank you!

      • Wow great to see so much positive feedback for the cover! And Jonathan I can promise that the content out shines the cover, even in the early stage I was privileged enough to see it in. As for the 3…. well yeah it’s a royal pain. Let me see what I can do?

  7. How exciting! That looks and sounds AMAZING!

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