Lost in the Dark Tower: How Wolves of the Calla Inspired Lost

Quick note before we get started, I posted the alternate cover to The Corridors of the Dead on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. This was originally supposed to be the B&N/Smashwords-exclusive cover, but I decided to put it up on Amazon as well, at least for a trial run. Shout to Erwin Solbach for the cover.

Spoiler Warning: If you have not finished Lost or the Dark Tower ( through book 5), this post contains spoilers. 

Oh, and for long-time readers, I am experimenting with splitting my posts into multiple pages to make for easier reading. Let me know if I could make this more obvious, or if this new format works.

The Dark Tower is my favorite book series, with the caveat that most fans offer: the last three books of the series are…uneven. At best. They’re easily the weakest and most frustrating. The ending, while controversial, seemed to me to be the least troubling thing about these volumes. My problem is with the larger issue of handling the villains who had been built up over seven books, but we’ll get to that eventually in another post, as there’s an important object lesson there.

Today I want to talk about how The Dark Tower 5: The Wolves of the Calla clearly influenced Lost. I’ve been going back over the DT series since April, listening to the audio books as an exercise in seeing the novels from a different point of view. It’s worked, for the most part, and I’ve listened almost exclusively in my car. The car in which I spent close to eight hours this weekend. So I got a lot of listening in.

I reached the part of the novel where Jake and Oy discover the Fedic Dogan. For those who haven’t read the series and don’t care about spoilers, a long-vanished high civilization that closely resembles our own created the Dogans for various purposes, such as monitoring and scientific experiments. This may sound familiar to you if you’ve watched Lost.

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  1. Ahrina Kay Nielsen

    Brilliant! I loved the Dark Tower series and Lost. I had not put it together but clearly one influenced the other:-) Most enjoyable reading.
    Thank you


  2. I don’t like the multi-page set-up. I want to scroll down to read more, not click and wait for it to load. Just my two cents anyway.

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