Are We In A Bubble?

Today will be another short entry – I will be back on my standard schedule on Monday, once I’ve gotten through the editing of The Corridors of the Dead.

Back in September, I started writing a blog detailing my questions about the then-current self-pubbed market. I never got around to writing it, but the central question was whether we are (or were) in a bubble, and whether that bubble was about to burst, along with some ideas of how authors could weather that bubble and come out even stronger on the other side, in a few years. As time passed, I felt that I just didn’t know enough about sales figures one way or the other, and would cover it more once I had actually self-published a full-length work.

Well, turns out I no longer need to, as JA Konrath’s guest post today adequately covers exactly what I wanted to say, especially his five points, as I think they’re really key to weathering what may be to come with self-publishing and the glut of ebooks. Check it out here: Guest Post by Stephen Leather.

See you all soon on the other side!

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  1. If anyone can weather it, it’s you, my love.

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