The Kayson Cycle now available on Amazon!

Forgive me for crowing a little, but it’s an exciting day to finally get some fiction out there for others to read. I had expected Amazon to have it up tomorrow, 11/1, given the suggested lead time for review, but they pleasantly surprised me and it became available in the wee hours. So yes, you can now purchase The Kayson Cycle on Amazon for 99 cents! Click here – do it – you know you want to.

For those of you who haven’t read about it, this is the extended version of my Rule of Three blogfest entry, including two new scenes and an exclusive sample chapter of Corridors of the Dead not available anywhere else.

How extended is it? Why should you purchase it? Well, we were given a 600-word limit for each entry. Four entries gives you 2400 words. The final version of the extended take is 5000 words, so you can see I added quite a bit, and fleshed out some of the ideas that I just couldn’t explore in the shorter format, such as:

  • What did Kayson know about his brother and women?
  • How did the Stranger’s Wife feel about the expedition?
  • What is the nature of the Cycle?
  • What’s up with the amethyst that they’re tied to?

For those who haven’t read the story on this site, here’s the back cover copy:

Set in the shared world of Renaissance, The Kayson Cycle introduces us to the Kayson Brothers, a pair of faith healers who once wowed crowds in a traveling show but have since split up to find their own fortunes. While Jeffrey Kayson disappeared into the wilderness, William Kayson moved to the failing mining town of Renaissance to build a nice, quiet life – a life that has lasted for over ten years. It is a life that will crumble when a mysterious stranger from the North walks into his tavern bearing a proposal to find his long-lost brother. William will soon learn that he can’t escape his family – or his destiny.

Overall, I really think it’s worth a purchase, and I hope you do too.

I also now have an author page at Amazon, and Goodreads is in the works. Pop over and give me a like if you’re feeling charitable!

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  1. Congrats, Jonathan! That’s awesome. All success to you.

  2. Congrats! I’ll be reading this at the earliest opportunity!

  3. Congratulations, friend! I want to read this when I finish Michael River’s book. I’m slowly making my way through the tribe.

    Happy Halloween!

  4. I’m so proud of you!

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