Six-Sentence Sunday: The Kayson Cycle Preview

I spent all day yesterday trimming, adding, and sculpting the final version of my Kindle Single. I submitted it last night. Amazon willing, The Kayson Cycle will finally be up on Tuesday. Here is a piece from one of the new scenes.

Jeffrey pointed at the man. “Still some fighting spirit left. Good. Well now, let’s see. Once upon a time, the Tribe struggled to survive. Pushed out of their ancestral homes by the same bastards who built Renaissance, they had tried eke out some sort of existence on the edge of the mine fields, but the mining companies weren’t finished screwing them.

“Oh, no! The waste from their processes, the very poison created by destroying their land, had to go somewhere.  So their water was filled with run-off, their air with pollution. It sickened the Tribe, and they started dying, one by one.”

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