Six-Sentence Sunday: The Corridors of the Dead 2

I walked down this nasty-ass concrete hallway, the kind you see in abandoned, overgrown bunkers (or so movies would tell me). Someone had strung a string of blue lights hung along the top of the walls. The air was thick and stank of old sweat sock. You could feel the spores producing that smell in the air, ready to invade your lungs and cause any manner of unknown diseases. I had no idea how I had gotten there or where the hell it was, but I was walking all the same, from one unknown place to another.

Somewhere in the distance, a manic drum beat played, its pulses rocking the floor, moving up my legs.

I got hold of myself and stopped walking, looking around, trying to piece together how I’d gotten there. My brain was slippery on the subject, refusing to be pinned down. So I mustered my bravest voice, just a hair above a whisper.

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  1. Love your descriptions! I’ve been in that hallway. Yuk! Wonder what he’ll find there.

  2. And…don’t stop there!

    Seriously great job. An inspiration to others…including me.

  3. You definitely managed to create a spooky and unpleasant mood – I loved it! Thanks for sharing.

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