More News: New Corridors Cover, Press Proof, and Bears. Oh Myyyyyyy

Pre-orders belong on that list, as well. At last, I can unveil the cover for the Kindle and print version of The Corridors of the Dead. This work was created by Celia of Celia Draws, and represents something close to my original vision of a pulp novel cover for this book.

The cover shows the scene wherein Matty finds herself in the Corridors of the Dead, right around the third act. The dark character, also shown on the first cover, is Delilah, one of the key antagonists in the novel.

I’m stoked to get this out there; the wait was excruciating, as having this cover in hand meant that getting the ball rolling on a press proof was just around the corner. In fact, as of this writing, I am waiting for the arrival of my first press proof to double-check formatting and quirks in the publication process. I’m performing these checks in concert with manuscript proofreading, so I’ll be handing off the self-edited version of the novel to my editor/proofreader, Shelly Burnett, on Monday. As with so many things about self-publishing with a full-time job, I’m having to parallel process a lot of stuff due to my time constraints. It’s all about creative time management, I find.

Of course, I also think I’m almost ready to commit myself more fully to writing Entanglements, with, some work on the Kayson Cycle in between (this is almost fully finished, and I think I’ll hit the November 1st goal quite easily).

Once I have a proof of Corridors in hand and a good idea of how the printing process will proceed, I’m going to start setting things up to take pre-orders for signed and unsigned copies, along with a giveaway scheme that I hope will remove some of what I find to be the more distasteful elements of giveaways. It’s a real Pandora’s Box to open, but I’ve struggled with the idea of holding giveaways just to drive traffic. I know it’s a great idea. I know it boosts interest and eyeballs seeing the potential product. I just have some misgivings about the process. In short, I think that giveaways sometimes (not always, I’ve seen great giveaways) a wasted opportunity for an author to more directly interact with his or her audience and form a dialogue around the  work. I’m trying to come up with a scheme to maximize this for both myself and my potential readers without feeling like I’m “selling out” too hard.

I’m beginning to see why so many writers’ sophomore efforts are lackluster: you don’t have to deal with this tail-end stuff when you start out on the first novel. It’s nothing but sailing on clear seas. The process of quality checking and promoting Corridors has been intriguing and I’ve learned a lot of lessons, but I’ve been a little frustrated with the trouble I’ve experienced in getting a rhythm going with Entanglements. I hope that my return to the manuscript will be as fruitful as I once thought that it would be. Still, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. It’s change a lot of my own perception of both myself and my abilities. I think everyone should try this whole thing at least once; they might amaze themselves.

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  1. I wish I had realized all of what I was getting us into but it has been an interesting ride. Trying to work on our second book while building a platform is not the best way to run a railroad. Still, our journey has placed where we’ve met quit a few interesting people. Consider yourself included on that list.

    Have a great one!

    • Aww, thanks, Lynn. Yeah the self-pubbed thing seemed great up front, but now! 😉 Nah, I’m still happy to have control over my destiny. And yes, I agree, I wouldn’t trade the experience of meeting so many great people for anything (and you’re definitely included too).

  2. Exciting news.
    All the best on your coming release!

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