Welcoming the Followers

I’ve decided that now is the time to make more writing friends – join the community, see what’s out there. This includes following a lot of new people on Twitter. For those who aren’t familiar with Follow Friday, the concept is to recommend Twitter followers to one another. Sort of a meet-and-greet for people in your networks. I decided to join in on Friday, and discovered a lot of great sites. I figured my weekly link check would be an opportunity to introduce some of these sites.

Al Boudreau – Al, known as @threecifer on Twitter, describes himself as a “Lover of fine wines & travel. Creator of #Novelines. Co-creator of #pubwrite#booklook. Author of thriller ~In Memory of Greed~”.

Dropped the Moon – Joe, known as @PoetryPleeze on Twitter, describes himself as a Poet/Writer/Reviewer.

The Indie Writer – Derek, known as @IndieElf on Twitter, seeks to create a place of community on the web for indie writers. Definitely applaud the idea.

Sugar Beat’s Books – Barb, known as @sugarbeatbc on Twitter, describes herself as a Romance Book Blogger, Book Reviewer, Bookseller, and Voracious reader.

Knight of the Heart – Sean, known as @Seanotd on Twitter, says he is a “funnypoetman”, all words I would agree with. His site and his twitter are worth checking out.

The Mavonduri Trilogy – Jeff, known as @Mavonduri on Twitter, describes himself as an Author, fantasy geek, and Tolkien enthusiast. The Mavonduri Trilogy is his current ongoing series.

Mark Paul Jacobs – Mark, known as @MarkPaulJacobs on Twitter, has been publishing on Smashwords since 2009.

Lilli’s Secret – Rebecca, known as @embracechange10 on Twitter, describes herself as “writer of paranormal/horror fiction, short stories and other things i dare not speak of….”

Sammy Jo Hunt – Sammy, known as @SammyJo_Hunt on Twitter, is a “Published writer of m/m erotic romance novels.”

John Avery Books – John, known as @AaronQuinnBooks on Twitter, says that he “live(s) and write(s) thrillers on a small ranch in the mountains outside San Diego.”

Krystal Wade – Krystal, known as @KrystalWade on Twitter, says that she writes to escape the boredom of her 50-mile commute. Good reason!

Dan McNeil – Dan, known as @DanMcNeil888 on Twitter, is an author, composer, and video editor.

Adrian Miller – Adrian, known as @AdrianMiller27 on Twitter, writes LGBT historical fiction. Her book intrigues me.

Dear Hearts – Eri, known as @DearHearts on Twitter, describes herself thus: “Wife, mother, Author, Ohio hermit and I blog all about it (lol).”

David Scott Hay – David, known as @DavidScottHay on Twitter, describes himself as an “Award-winning writer, whiskey slave, and Eagle Scout.”

Transformational Writers – Alissa, known as @AlissaLukara on Twitter, is “the author Riding Grace (Silver Light), an editor and offers transformational writing workshops for fiction and nonfiction writers.”

Ashley Nixon – known as @AshleyNixon on Twitter, is an aspiring author of historical fiction.

Sheryl Browne – known as @SherylBrowne on Twitter, describes herself as a “Mum, Business Partner, School Critique Partner, Disabled Dog Fosterer, Demented Juggler, AUTHOR ~ Thoughtful but Funny Rom Com”

The Manicheans – Johanna, known as @themanicheans on Twitter, describes herself as a “Dark fiction/UF/SF/horror writer.” Her book is a work in progress, but she seems to have great taste so I’m looking forward to it.

Ed Lynskey – known as @edlynskey on Twitter, lives in my neck of the woods – the DC suburbs. He has seven novels in print.

Chicklets Lit – known as @Chicklet on Twitter, describes herself thus: “My day job is a paralegal, my 24/7 is observer, good listener & gr8 friend. Love reading & writing. One day you’ll see me published.”

R.S. Guthrie – R.S., known as @rsguthrie on Twitter, describes himself as a mystery writer and dog lover.

Carmen DeSousa – Carmen, known as @Author_Carmen on Twitter, describes herself as a “Christian, wife, mother. Passionate writer and reader of paranormal, romance & suspense.”

Forever Lost in My Own World – Mireille, known as @MireilleChester on Twitter, describes herself as a “Wife, mother of three, author of ‘The Chosen One Trilogy’, creator of the world of Quelondain.”

Writing to the Edge of Darkness – Ciara, known as @ciaratknight on Twitter, describes herself as a “Paranormal, fantasy, and young adult romance writer.” I like the look of her upcoming book a lot.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I wanted to cover everyone, but there were just too many. If I missed you this week, I’ll try my best to catch up next week. I will be linking each of those on my links bar to the right very soon as well, though I am considering creating a standalone writer’s links page soon in place of the links.

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  1. I’m honored to have made it onto your blog. You have some great Tweeps listed on here.

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. You’re welcome! I’ll be keeping an eye on your site 😉

  3. What a lovely idea. Thanks so much for including me. And a great way to connect with other Tweeps and what they do.

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