Welcoming the Followers: Triberr edition

It’s that time again – time to welcome my new followers from the week. You definitely can’t build a network alone, and you can’t build a career alone, either. With that in mind and a big boost in readership this week, I thought I’d take some time out to mention some of the folks who have been there to help – my fellow members of the tribes on Triberr.

What is Triberr, you ask? To simplify, it’s a site where like-minded bloggers can band together to share their Twitter readership by agreeing to tweet one another’s posts to their followers. It’s like a force multiplier: your reach can suddenly expand from however many followers you to the followers of the other tribes. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know people in your chosen community. Like these people!

Wringing Out Words – Shannon, known as @queryaddict on Twitter (not queries, noooo), describes herself as a “Writer of urban fantasy & paranormal romance, agented, wife, mother to furry children, farrier.” Sundered and Bound are her first two books on Amazon.

CJ Gosling – CJ, known as @CJGosling on Twitter, is the author of ‘Shadowlands: The Guardian’, with a second book due out next year.

Believe! The Official Blog of Mimi Barbour – Mimi, known as @MimiBarbour on Twitter, says that “I write the newest genre – SPIRIT-TRAVEL. My books tend to be witty, heart-wrenchingly beautiful love stories – or so I’ve been told in a review I’ve memorized.”

HiJInks Ink – A joint venture between CJ and Shannon, HiJinks, known as @hijinksink on Twitter, publishes urban, epic & YA fantasy, YA westerns, PNR & sci-fi.

Conversations on Tech, Arts, Literature, and Business  – Jon, known as @jonreid on Twitter, describes himself as a “Code monkey (programmer), reading, drawing, and family. Living on The Rock – Newfoundland.Tech Columnist @western_star.”

 Lorraine Eckhart – Lorraine, known as @LEckhart on Twitter, describes herself as “#mother#advocate for special needs. (her) new release THE#CHOICE #romance #mystical #suspense What would you do for someone you love?”

Angst – David, known as @got_angst on Twitter, is  the author of the new fantasy novel Angst.

I Wanna Be… – Marie, known as @mmloughlin on Twitter, is a “Writer of Urban Fantasy and blogger of (pseudo) random things.”

With apologies to Sandy Hunter, whose twitter name remains a mystery to me. You can check out her site, though, at The Rage to Write.

The Manicheans – Johanna, known as @themanicheans on Twitter, describes herself as a “Dark fiction/UF/SF/horror writer.”

ChickletsLit – Trish, known as @VAChicklet on Twitter, is a “Lover of Life & Laughter. My day job is a paralegal, my 24/7 is observer, good listener & gr8 friend. Love reading & writing. One day you’ll see me published.”

Micheal Rivers – Micheal, known as @micheal_rivers, is from North Carolina, and  “write(s) fiction, paranormal and suspense thrillers.”

A Measure of Madness– Jen, known as @JenD_Author, is an “Aspiring Paranormal-Suspense author. I play with ghosts and monsters, and I like it.”

Like a Bump on a Blog – Amberr, known as @Amberrisme, is a “Mom/Wife/Friend/Writer/Travel Blogger/Social Media Observer/Nature Lover/Wildlife Advocate/BS Allergies/Mischief Maker/Humor Champion”.

Krystal Wade – Krystal, known as @KrystalWade on Twitter, says that she writes to escape the boredom of her 50-mile commute.

Dinner with God– Martin, known as @MagWrites, is a “Songwriter & Author of Dinner with God, based on a true story. It will forever change your perspective on love, loss & sacrifice.”

Van Heerling Books– Van, known as @VanHeerling, says he “would rather live seeking my own dream and fail everyday, than to live one day pursuing someone else’s dream, for which I carry no faith.”

James Ross– James, known as @golfnovels, says he is a “Survivor w novels for adults & YA. STL golf setting-Soc. issues incl. hypocrisy-cancer-real estate-discrimination-justice-reoccurring characters.”

Ami Hendrickson– Ami, known as @MuseInks, describes herself as a “Writer (& ghost). Speaker (rarely shuts up). So many loves: horses, dogs, books, movies, family, & WIPs…”

The Zen Zone – Karina, known as @karina_cox, is a “pondhopper | globetrotter | prosewriter”

Toonopolis– Jeremy, known as @toonopolis, describes himself as “a SAH dad/author. I write YA comedic fantasy in a cartoon world (Toonopolis). They said I’d never grow up. Toonopolis: Gemini=Kindle Bestseller (Cartoons)!”

Dear Hearts – Eri, known as @DearHearts, describes herself thus: “Wife, mother, Author, Ohio hermit and I blog all about it (lol).”

Well Read –  Sheilagh, known as @SweetSheil, an “Author will soon epub LovesLaboursWon(paranormal)”.

Write Into Print – Known as @ukeditor, it is a “one-stop resource for writers: proofreading; editing; writing assignments; mentor service.”

Dean Frank Lappi – Dean, known as @DeanLappi, is the “Author of the dark fantasy/horror novel Black Numbers where true magic is created through advanced math and sexuality. Editor at Fantasy Island Book Publishing.”

For anyone in the tribes that I missed, I’m sorry. I had to draw the line somewhere, and I try to limit it to 25 links a week. I refuse to leave you all out, though, so here’s a list of Twitter names for everyone else. Please, go dive in and check them out, too!

@LynnetteLabelle @BWitzenhausen @lgoodwin80107 @LynnHallbrooks @StoriesByEdward @JAustenwannabe  @WodkeHawkinson @KellySGamble @TweetTheBook @RobinKBayley @moondustwriter

Thanks for all the help, folks. It’s helped make things a bit easier.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. 🙂 We are a growing group of great tweeps. I’m happy to be a part of them. I commend you for putting all of this together.

  2. Thanks for putting this together Jonathan. Did you know the setting for my book is based in part in the Shenandoah Valley? That’s cool.

  3. Thanks, Jonathan! Being the newest addition to “Paranormal Musings”, this blog provided a great introduction the tribe. Looks like we are a good and varied mix within the speculative fiction genre.

  4. Thanks, Jonathan! Being the newest addition to the “Paranormal Musings” tribe, your blog post has helped in getting to know the rest of the group better. We’re a varied mix of talents, yet all within the speculative fiction genre. Luv it.

  5. Thanks so much for the mention, Jonathan! I just followed your blog and am looking forward to your updates. 🙂

  6. Thank you for this shout out, Jonathan! Very kind. 🙂

  7. thank you for the shout Jonathan,

  8. Thanks much for S/O. I think (aside from my personal tribe) that Trish has the best thing going on with a lot of people that I respect and admire–you included. ;-D

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