Read This! (On Action Scenes in Thrillers)

My next book is going to be a thriller (it sort of decided this on its own), and so I’m having to catch up with the way thrillers are written, as I’ve always enjoyed film thrillers but have to admit my reading of the genre hasn’t been as strong as it could. Any suggestions for good novels to start would actually be quite welcome.

In the meantime, I’m doing some online research, and found this great post from 2006, written by Linda Adams. for Vision. Worth a read, for sure!


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  1. Whew. God speed on this one. I don’t have any really good suggestions (except for the supernatural thrillers), but I’ve no doubt you’ve got what it takes. Your post on maintaining tension (you did write one on that, right?) showed me that you understand what it takes. Seems to me, tension is king for thriller stories (while of course maintaining good plot, characters, etc…)

    Good luck.
    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

  2. Thanks, Paul! That actually means a lot to me. Yeah I have a pretty good vision of how the plot should be “shaped” (kind of picturing it as a roller coaster, that seems most appropriate), and now I’m trying to wrap some of what it seems the characters want to do against that framework. Definitely going to have to do some actual outlining, though, as there are a few dangling plot threads to be wrapped up. It’s daunting work but I think I might be ready to give it a shot.

  3. I like Harlen Coben’s books.

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