Picked up my Cover Mock-up…

Wow, this is really happening after all. Pretty excited!

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  1. I like it. I’m currently revamping my cover (and no, it’s not a vampire story) in a major way.

    I’m sure I know this somewhere in my brain, but what is your plan with this book? Do you have a trad-publisher? Self-publishing?

    Paul D. Dail

  2. Yeah, this is the second time I’ve worked with this particular graphic designer. He’s pretty good! I’m going to make a few changes to it on my own to give it even more of the feel of an old pulp (which was my goal here), but this is pretty close to the final. I’ve been using Photoshop for ages, but I don’t think I quite have the chops to do something like this on my own. I at least need a pro to give me a head start. Did you hire a graphic designer to handle yours, or are you doing it yourself?

    Well, right now it’s kind of up-in-the-air. I have a traditional publisher reading the first iteration of the novel (they requested the full manuscript), but I have a feeling they may pass on the full thing, as it’s lacking a certain emotional quality that’s present in the rewrite. I’m going to self-publish the rewrite for nook/kindle and a small print run to sell at local bookstores, etc. Maybe that’ll translate into a traditional publishing gig someday, we’ll see.

  3. I actually have a friend who is a graphic designer who offered to do it for me (it would take me way too long with my amateur Photoshopping skills, and it would still probably not look that good). Plus I think it helps to have someone whose forte is that kind of thing to look at the idea with a different point of view. I’ve really liked his first few mock-ups and they’re things I wouldn’t have even thought of.

    Good luck with the manuscript. I’ll be watching for updates.

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