Good News

Good morning, everyone. Today’s entry may be shorter than anticipated, as many outside events press for my attention. The most important of these events is that a publisher has requested the full manuscript of the original version of Torat. You can imagine my happiness when I read the email this morning, and I have already cleaned up the manuscript and sent it off to the publisher, along with a note concerning the overhauled version of the novel. No worries, however; if they choose to go with the original version, I will simply re-purpose the overhauled version into a completely new novel. The story is different enough that it would work just as well on its own; the original features a woman dragged along into a strange world, while in the new version, there is a far higher amount of agency on her part. It wouldn’t take much to rework that into a new novel.

So, good news, but still just a step on the path toward publication. Excitement abounds, but I have to remember to temper it with reality – there are several hurdles still to be cleared.

Re-reading the manuscript, however, it is quite obvious how far I have come since completing that version. That alone is reason for excitement; being aware of growth and expansion is a good thing.

I’m afraid that’s all I have to say for today. I’ll get back to the regularly scheduled posts tomorrow.

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