Proposed: Writing Prompts/Challenge

My friend Rob and I have decided to have a weekly writing challenge to help keep the juices flowing. The concept is as follows:

  1. Both write to a common challenge prompt.
  2. Min/max of 1500 words. We can go a little over or under, just in that ballpark.
  3. Post the completed work by Sunday of that week on our blog(s).
  4. We will each critique the others’ work.
Some more ideas will come out of this, I’m sure, but we’ll go from there. We’ll pull from Creative Writing Prompts for ideas. I’m using to generate a random number to give us this week’s prompt, as well. Random gave us 190, which is, roughly, the following:

Write a story about greed with a CEO as the main character, a chessboard as the key object, and set in a hospital

Check back here for the results later this week!

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