Later? Better Than Never

Figured today would be a bit less of a writing day, given that I have some important things looming  – life jumping in between my work and I, but it’s the nature of the beast. Thankfully, yesterday was a stellar writing day, despite getting off to something of a lopsided start, so there’s not much of a deficit to be made up. Not sure what happened yesterday, exactly. I was exhausted, unfocused, unclear where I was going or what I was doing, and it felt as if the character of Matty just stepped in and took over, clearing out Chapter 8 and Book 1 entirely. That pretty much unofficially makes me one third of the way through the overhaul. I could not be more pleased with the closing of the first book, either – managed to get in one of the first signs of Matty (the main character) starting to turn a corner, and the beginnings of the antagonist’s mask slipping.

So, yes, good thing that I got so much done yesterday because concentration is certainly not my strong suit today – owing, I suppose, to even more lack of sleep. It may be time to try out some melatonin again.

The idea of an artistic fate or destiny has been on my mind of late – not that there may or may not be any “god hand” driving our work, but rather the influences drive us forward. How much of our “writing DNA” is based on our influences, and how much of it is something that is inherent to our personality? I realize there’s no real way to determine this, but it’s an interesting mind exercise that’s been on my mind. I suppose it’s on my mind since one of my greater influences (Billy Corgan) has, of late, been revealed to be somewhat creatively bankrupt and perhaps has always been that way, just masking it behind the work of others. On the one hand, some of that influence has been weeded out over the years through the common sense of realizing that his influence was not that good a thing in the first place, but how much of it is still residing there, and how much of it is something useful. Just a thought exercise, like I said.

Since it’s Friday, today’s link is about the alot. That is all.

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