Working for the Weekend

Well, I do believe it’s time to follow-up and get some writing done on the weekend. What’s the term? B.I.C. Just getting my butt in the chair is the most important thing, you understand. I thought that I was going to have the house to myself today, so I figured it would be easy enough to just unplug from the world and put in a few much-needed hours. Unfortunately Mary injured herself and is at home, so I’m having to zone out some by using headphones and music. Not that big of a deal, though. It is nice to have her home, and she respects when I need a little me time. Especially when it comes to writing. She’s also a writer, so there’s a definite kinship there.

I wrote for quite some time yesterday, but I haven’t gotten through Chapter 5 yet. In fact, I’ve only really just begun working on it. The problem is that I realized a lot of new material in Chapter 5 needed to move backwards to Chapter 4. One quite interesting aspect of the novel is that one of the characters is the modern equivalent of a Valley Girl, so I’ve had to get a primer on the modern incarnation of the language. Now I’m trying to learn the fine line when it comes to writing down dialectal terms – how much is too much? How do you keep a character from being annoying? I think I may have overdone it with Kristy, but I plan to correct that on the second pass through the story, so I’m not too concerned. Best to have too much to go with rather than too little, you know? That makes the most sense to me.

I’ve put some of my short stories on the back-burner for now, as well. I’d like to have some publications to my name before my next round of sending this book out to agents, but for right now this story is just so strong that I have to facilitate its birth while its coming out.

I read something great last night about how as writers we perpetually have to trick our minds to continue writing – our minds will find different methods to avoid the work that needs to be done, some legit, some not so legit, so we have to discover ways around those procrastination/fighting methods to get the work done. I’ve managed to do that in some ways with my work, but getting myself to write on the weekend is an entirely different paradigm. I’m not entirely sure why. I guess because I just expect to kind of relax and not work, but the problem is that it’s the best time of the week to rrite, as I can get in a solid four to five hours, something that’s just not possible during the week.

My current trick is to try to do the best I can in submersing myself within the work – some sort of noise to cancel things out. I’m trying out ommwriter today to see if it can do it. I have some pretty great noise-canceling headphones as well, and I think they can help me. We’ll see. I shall report back on some of the tricks that I use and see how they play out.

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