Stuck at Home

Seriously, can’t walk more than a few feet without my back screaming at me. We picked up one of those Billy bookcases from Ikea on Sunday that are heavy beyond even the standard human’s metaphorical ability to describe, and each time we get one of those it shreds my back for a few days. I know that I just need a day at home to rest it, but it’s still pretty frustrating. At least I have the means to continue to work or I’d really be going crazy. Yeah, I’m one of those people. I also enjoy being in an office, so if I ever became a professional author I’d likely still rent an office to visit every day.

Not that that’s happening anytime soon. I’ve had a few more rejections on the novel, and given some of the feedback I received on the short story, I’ve decided to not send out any more queries on the novel for now while I polish up these two short stories. Once I’ve finished those and sent them out, I’ll set about reworking the front end of the novel with some ideas that have occurred to me in the act of reworking the short stories. The thing is, I’ve always had a problem with writing good introductions to stories. I’ve come to realize that I know what a good introduction is and how to write it, but I’ve felt them to be cheap and easy, the writer’s equivalent of a cheap little gimmick. Turns out you need that gimmick, or maybe it isn’t the gimmick I thought it was all along. Now that I’m allowing myself to do the whole “eye-grabbing opening”, I’ve realized they’re a lot more natural to me than I thought. I just need to give myself permission to use them.

But yeah, my two greatest hopes for the novel have rejected me now – the two whom I thought would best represent me and get my work. To me, it seems that I’m not communicating the potential that exists in the novel. I still think I can make it work, it just needs some…work. Not like I’d be the first author to do so, anyway.

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  1. I believe in you.

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