Putting on the Cheat Code

That’s what I feel I’ve done since I started writing in first person with my novel’s overhaul. It’s become so “easy” that it feels like cheating. Seriously, it’s been three days since I started and I’ve nearly knocked out three chapters and two interludes – a total of 10,000 words. I mean, could I really breeze through a novel in a bit over a week? It seems impossible. In fact, I’m fairly sure I can’t sustain it, but for now, I can dream, right?

Of course, I am planning to have a near all-day writing marathon on Saturday. Mary will be going out of town, and I figure why the hell not? Pick up a six-pack of cider or something similar and go to town. I think it would be an incredibly fun way to spend a day. In fact, it feels a little bit decadent, the idea of spending an entire day with my characters.  Odd, I know.

Got a mention yesterday on Kim Koning’s own writing blog, talking about the transition from the old Victorian structure of the Big 6 to the more democratized system that we’re building. She’s documenting her transition to full-time writer, and  has some pretty interesting posts. Definitely worth checking out.

Wow, this week’s podcast is going to be…interesting. I think that’s the word for it. We had some pretty bad technical difficulties on Sunday, when we typically record our show, and lost more than half of the show, so we’ve recorded a patchwork of other topics that I’m going to try to quilt together into a coherent show. Should be interesting, and another real test for my editing skills. I’m beginning to wonder if that should be added to my resume. Possibly? Something to consider, anyway.

So tired but time to get to work. I’ll just do what I must do – push through it and keep on.

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  1. Thanks for the link back. Thanks also for adding me to your blog roll. Gotta love the WP world that connects so many people. 🙂

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